Warm Forest Green

I have this gorgeous green sari scarf that has a touch of purple in it – so that lets me wear green and purple together, right?   Right 🙂

andrea grinberg wrapunzel

And the tichel went from lovely to even lovelier with these perfect pearls, attached with a regal clasp, of course!  (Don’t what I’m talking about?  Check out this video now!)  I am loving how a strand of pearls can balance the rustic-ness of the sari scarf!  I find myself wearing them almost constantly!

It’s funny that I NEVER would have worn these colors together before starting to cover my hair!  So now I’m curious – what color combinations has tichel tying allowed you to try?  Which ones were the most surprising for you?

12 thoughts on “Warm Forest Green

  1. I discovered that green and purple work too just recently. I had a mainly green scarf that had little bits of purple in, so I tried it with a purple sash and it worked very well. My ‘colour surprise’ was finding yellow with some reddy/orange flowers in it, went well with my Israeli dusky mint green tichel. I would never have dreamt I would wear yellow.


  2. Darcy

    I was thinking about mixing and matching just yesterday! I wore two scarves together that, while they did not necessarily have clashing/contrasting colours, were not scarves I had ever considered putting together until I saw them mixed up together in my basket. One was a stripe and one was a floral. I’m not usually great at mixing patterns so it was fun to feel like I’d done it successfully.


  3. Trippmadam aka (Tía) Paulina

    Lovely scarf!
    Color combination: violet and blue. I once dropped my violet scarf and my blue one. They looked so nice next to each other, so I tried some kind of layered wrap.


  4. This is beautiful! Not only the wrap but the outfit itself. I know this is a bit of an awkward question, but I happen to really like your fashion sense… are there any places in particular you would recommend for shopping (particularly in Jerusalem)? I’ve been here for about four months (spending the semester with my spouse) and I see so many extremely fashionable and modest outfits, but can’t seem to find a place to shop with a sense of cohesive style similar to yours. So, nu, any recommendations would be appreciated!


  5. Eva

    Oh, Andrea, it’s so beautiful! Forest green is my favourite colour and it looks amazing with purple! If it weren’t for the fact that there’s an ocean between us (I’m in Scotland) I’d ask you to be my personal stylist as I need to liven up my wardrobe and I can’t think of anyone with better dress sense than you or RM! : ) Thank you for your constant inspiration! And Gut voch!


  6. always loved those colours. but since covering and buying your sarfs,i have found a new colour Teal and Coral .never before thought teal would do it but I can wear it with grey, purple,deep pink,and rusty orange the colours are endless.i have been having so much fun mixing , and I jst love wonder colour scarfs hope you get more colours they are my favourite.shalom Jodi.


  7. Navy and coral were a surprising combination. I have a dress that is striped with grey, navy, neon yellow and coral and I just picked out colours for my scarf one day. Those two colours (with a twist especially!) were a real winner!


  8. Alisha

    i’m not sure that covering has given me license to put odd color combos together, but definitely patterns i wouldn’t have put together. also, green and purple definitely go together! green is in everything in nature, paired with every color, so i wouldn’t worry about putting it with any specific colors.


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