So Much to be Thankful For!

Hi Everyone!  So for those of you that have been following the whole Wrapunzel/Wrapunzel The Store saga (“Wrapunzelution” is now a word!!!!), you will know how incredibly blessed both Rivka Malka and I are to be on this whirlwind adventure!  There is a revolution brewing, and you are the ones that are starting it!  Incredible!  Anyway, here are some tichels and outfits I’ve been putting together lately that have made me feel both modest and regal!

Rockin the Rustic Romance… this scarf is still my favourite!  It just hugs the head so nicely!  And seriously I can’t get enough of these Signature Max pins… they grab so much scarf and lay so flat!  Can we all hope together that one day we can get them with gold backing?
andrea grinberg wrapunzel

A slightly more formal outfit that flows – and the colours are very sun/hot weather friendly!  My husband loved the lace (he likes when I wear white!) and yes, this is another necklace attached by our friend’s new invention, the Regal Clasp!  There will be a video about it soon!  (And yes, our kitty photobombed because she loved hiding under this skirt!)

This rustic, layered yet simple tichel was perfect for a sunny day running outdoor errands!  There weren’t any tails hanging down which equaled much more functionality than my usual braids and twists!  Just make sure you put sunscreen on your neck or stay in the shade!  (For those that are wondering, it’s the dark red 2in1 and brown NYB!)

Another functional outfit that wore beautifully!  Hello cowboy boots!
andrea grinberg wrapunzel

And last but not least… one of the most beautiful tichels I’ve ever worn, with lovely colours and intricacy.  The outfit was such a joy to move in; modest and feminine.  This one will definitely be repeated!  (Tichel is Rivka Malka’s Teal pashmina, sash from the Truffleberry kit, and Wrapunzel Buckle!)

20 thoughts on “So Much to be Thankful For!

    1. esther ross

      so cool i have been doing this for 23 years i am haveing aball watching you guys rock this look check out my facebook page i have some of my looks on there esther ross oakpark mi


  1. frumachava

    Andrea, as a new owner of the lace scarves, could you explain how you have it tied in the above photos, please? Mine didn’t turn out nearly as nice when I tied it today. Thanks!


      1. frumachava

        Hi. OK, so tie a base scarf, both ends same length? Then put lace on, and tie two long ends at nape, then tuck the small part under? Just leave long ends of lace hanging?


  2. Audrey

    Hi. I recently ordered a velvet headband and a couple of scarves, cant wait to try them. I think you are so creative the way you come up with different styles of head coverings.


  3. Andrea…. Like always, giving wonderful advise and incredible ideas. Rivka and you are my rolemodels. Thank you for being so humble and modest and actually teaching us (whether you believe it or not) ever since I was Wrapunzeled even my wardrobe is different. Believe it or not I’ve had this crazy idea about the Wrapunzel Revolution…. So when you mentioned it…. I smiled!


  4. Rachel

    I love how you totally rock tzinius, Mrs. Grinberg! I feel like the spirit of tzinius really shines through your beautiful appearance, how elegant and queenly it is. Kudos!


  5. I love the colours so much, I am being quite conservative right now, but that will probably change. I linked to you in my latest blog post, I hope you don’t mind?


  6. Mirjam

    You are just SOOOOO COOL! Thanks for sharing! I wore purple sari und shimmery for university today where I had an exam: I got compliments from other students!!! Thank you!


  7. Ok, I just Have to ask (sorry if it has been asked before).
    Where do you get your under-shirt for the wonderfully most layering you do? I’ve looked everywhere on the web and can’t seem to find any that cover and lay as nicely as do yours! (Or in as many lovely colors.)


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  9. Christine Flowers

    You said in reponse that you wrap base scarf into triangle, can one do that with pashmina? Are they hot to wear in summer? Ohhhhh, I wish I could talk with someone!!


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