11 thoughts on “Craziest Tichel I’ve Ever Attempted!

  1. Milca

    Its so beautiful the colors are amazing the ;look is gorgeous I hope I can do something similar.
    What kind of scarf should I buy and where?
    Thank you so much!


  2. MandyB

    Wow… Beautiful! Thank you for the tip of braiding loosely and for identifying the colors. I’m now extra excited for my new order of 2-in-1’s! As you do with the entire blog, thanks for sharing your creativity and how-to!


  3. Oh my….takes time but most worth it…..hope it’s not heavy in the back….is it comfortable? I suppose you’d not be wearing it if it was! I love it. That pop of yellow really makes it glow!


  4. well done ,I mite try it with the wonder colours as I think they r awesome.but ill start with 3 then wrk on it.thanks for the tips on stretching the braid. you really lift my day ,I have something to look forward too each time I open my email. so thanks so much shalom from Australia and Jodi.oxox.


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