Fall Colours ~

Baltimore’s fall colours are UNREAL today!   Seriously, I had to stop while walking because I was in shock – the sky, the clouds, the trees, the leaves… WOW!

So obviously the weather outside subliminally inspired my tichel choice!  This wrap was done using two long scarves of the same length, braiding the ends into a 4-strand plait.


Have external elements ever influenced your tichel choices in a very obvious way?  Tell us about it!IMG_4930

7 thoughts on “Fall Colours ~

  1. Oh yes, they certainly have! I like wearing “seasonal” colours: red, orange, and yellow in autumn, deep blue and white with a touch of sparkle in winter, green and earth brown in spring, many bright colours together in summer. And, yes, before choosing the colour of my tichel and outfit in general, I often look out of the window first to get some inspiraton! That’s what growing up in South Africa, with its wonderful nature, teaches you, among other things 🙂

    Your wrap is just gorgeous, especially with that little flower brooch!


  2. I’ve really been in a headcovering rut so I’m trying to branch out. I’m getting hooked on fall colors, and they work well with my skin tone. My current favorite is a deep red 🙂


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