Two Outfit Ideas for You!

Hello lovely ladies!  Here are two similar outfits that I have worn that I thought you’d like!  It’s wonderful how wearing a scarf with multiple colours allows you to incorporate those colours into your outfit, and instead of clashing, they now match!

What do you think?  How has covering your hair inspired what you wear?
andrea grinberg wrapunzel

What do you think?  How has covering your hair inspired what you wear?

11 thoughts on “Two Outfit Ideas for You!

  1. Amelia

    Since I’ve recently started covering my hair, I’ve started to actually put thought into my clothes. Before now, much to my Ima’s everlasting dismay, I just picked clothes that were modest enough, and also didn’t make my texture defensiveness activate. I’ve started to enjoy dressing up my tichel, though, and find myself accidentally becoming a little more coordinated! I put on a purple scarf with a brown one and think, oh! I have a sweater that matches! And oh! I even have some old earrings that I never sold that match! And then, POOF!, I’m successfully masquerading as an adult :P. This blog has been quite the inspiration for said masquerading.


  2. Jenny Thielemann

    Love the outfits! I am not orthodox, but I tend to dress more frum when I cover. There is a weird disconnect for me, otherwise. Cover my hair, but wear pants? Weird. However, more modest is good, says I, and I cover pretty much every day so it’s a good trend for me. 🙂


  3. Kris

    You look so great!

    Can I have question? (Maybe I should send it by message but whatever…) I do not come from country where it would be easy to get longer skirts (below knee is quite a problem unless you have it made just for you = astronomical prices) and definitely not t-shirts (especially that thin “shell” kind) which do not uncover half of your chest (and have longer sleeves – at least 3/4).
    Do you know any internet shops that aren’t too expensive and I could use them?



    1. Yikes – online it is hard to do this! Definitely try posting this question on the Wrapunzel facebook page – some ladies on there also live in places where they have to shop online.
      The cheapest I have found the shells online is from this website called Double Header. They often have sales on non standard colours.
      Also check out for dresses/skirts. They often sell gorgeous vintage pieces for great prices and the style back then was well below the knee. Let me know how it goes!


  4. SDK

    For Kris, sometimes I just type something like “long skirt” into a very general search like and get an overview of the options. You can then see other terms like “boho” (usually long, thin, material) or “maxi” (usually jersey, popular now in the States).

    You can try Etsy and limit to the Vintage category, which includes second-hand items with varying prices. There are also handmade skirts here (as well as super cute hats):

    As for shells like the ones pictured — I too would like to know where she got them! Sometimes you can find this style at Old Navy or the Gap in the States, but it can be hit or miss. You can try searching on “long sleeve tee” or “boat neck tee”.

    There are some online shops that cater to the modest market, but they are a bit expensive.

    In most of Europe, you can find online and street shops for the Muslim market. For example, some of the dresses and skirts here as well as the partial shells will work for Western styles.


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