Lady Wrap Star – *Yael* !

I am so excited to introduce Yael to you!  I was lucky to get to see her during my recent whirlwind trip to Israel, and during our time together, so many beautiful thoughts about hair covering spilled from her mouth that I had to whip out my video recorder.  There is so much to say about this woman, so instead of telling you all about her, I will instead let her speak for herself:

I know, eh?  Our first Lady Wrap Star on video!

Can you believe that Yael’s married name is Sunshine?  How perfect is that!  Here are some photos of her with her husband:

Yael is incredibly vibrant, warm, and honest.  I’m sure y’all want to ask questions and hear more from her, so please tell us what you think in the comments section and Yael will do her best to respond!

12 thoughts on “Lady Wrap Star – *Yael* !

  1. Hinda

    As a redhead, what you said really speaks to me! It was inspiring to hear this, you are such a wonderful person to share such an honest and personal experience!


  2. yael,

    I love all of what you said, but especially about how you became more of who you are, the real you came out, I have hosted quit a few tichel parties and I sometimes see fear when the single friends tried on the kallah’s scarves, but if it does not look right on you it is not you, once you connect to the beauty of wearing the keter, the crown of a married woman, the elegant you will come out, your beauty will be enhanced, thank you for your beautiful message


  3. I am completely blown away by everything Yael said. I felt all those exact same emotions. I’d never even thought of covering my hair, or that I would and when I got engaged it was suddenly so real – I remember crying, the stress, trying out different styles and eventually becoming happy with my decision. This has become a part of who I am and my hair does not define me, where I used to think it did. I laughed out loud when she talks about wondering whether to reintroduce herself to people, as I have felt that so many times before. Thank you Yael for putting the feelings I’d been feeling so succinctly and beautifully into words.


  4. Chava Canales

    I have a question for Andrea or any lady wrappers! I loved covering my hair as a married lady. Now that the marriage has ended, I have heard/read differing opinions on the halacha of a divorced woman covering her hair. When I do wrap my hair, I associate it with being married, therefore, making me sad. However, I feel naked (so to speak) with my hair flying in the wind. Any advice, ladies?
    P.s. Yael is just lovely!


    1. Chava, there are lots of different options that take into account the nature of your marriage, and how covering makes you feel afterward. I have quite a few friends whose marriages ended (some are remarried now), some that chose to continue covering and some that didn’t (all with rabbinical guidance). Would you like me to connect you to these women?


  5. Hi ! This is a very nice video and what Yael said sounds very profound and is really honest ! (and the surrounding – Nachlaot – is beautiful).

    Thanks Andrea and Yael for sharing !!!

    Shabbat shalom


  6. Deborah

    I am a christian and I follow your site “religiously”. I love creativity in all forms. And you’ve got it girl! Even though I do not wrap my hair, modesty in our manner of dressing is a virtue all women can embrace. In addition, I am inspired by your “teaching”. Yael is just beautiful but your video made me homesick. It’s been over 30 years since I was in Israel and since then I feel that I live a divided life. My body may be in Texas but my heart is in Jerusalem Perhaps that’s the way it should be.


  7. Shani

    Yael!!! You look stunning in tichels. I remember your gorgeous hair from when we studied at Shearim together.
    You said it so well: “my hair isn’t me. My soul is me.”


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