Our Latest Lady Wrap Star – Tiona!

When Tiona sent in her gorgeous photo with a sweet note for the “Wrapunzel Ladies do the Zig-Zag Criss Cross” post, I was immediately captivated by her smile and wrapping skills.   Turns out that her beautiful wraps only give a hint to the person she is on the inside!  Here she is as a Lady Wrap Star!  Read on…

wrapunzel wrap star tiona andrea grinberg

Hi Tiona! Can you tell us a little about yourself? What are you all about, some likes/dislikes, how do you choose to spend your time?
Yes. Hi my name is Tiona Reed, I am a mother of four blessings and married to my wonderful husband Roderick Reed. I run my own bakery and absolutely love baking and decorating cakes. There is a fulfillment there when I see the smile on someones face because Ive added to their life memories. I spend all of my time raising my children in the most positive way I know how. I have also started the process of volunteering at the local hospitals cancer center to teach women how to cover their heads in a way to still remain confident. Personal experience has taught me that if a woman still remains confident and positive about the way she looks, her recovery is quickened or her last days are brighter. My husband is currently serving in Afghanistan so all of this is a great responsibility at the present time but I have strong and loving mishpucha helping me through.

How long have you been covering your hair? Can you tell us a bit about why you cover your hair and the process leading to this life decision?
I have not been covering my hair for very long, but I find the journey very rewarding. Becoming more modest had been my conviction for quite some time so when I decided to hold myself accountable and learn what it meant to be modest and cover my hair, I felt like I had accomplished something that would bring more clarity to my life focus. There were a lot of distractions regarding how I looked, in particular my hair. I use to be a hair model when I lived in Atlanta and that seemed to be the focus of my life. Funny story, when I met my husband, I actually missed a hair show I was suppose to be in because I was with him!! Anyways, I later felt there was too much focus on my hair and not enough on what was important, which is self and others. I slowly but surely began to wrap my hair and I have seen how it has transformed my life and the life of the people around me!

What is your favourite way to cover? Favourite colour and why?
My favorite way to cover are snoods!! I am a busy mom, so a snood is fast and easy!! Sometimes I dress it up and put layers underneath, but throw on and go fits my lifestyle. I like to save all the other fun wraps and scarves for Shabbos. Then I get to experiment and play with colors and textures. Just another way I set the day apart. My favorite color would have to be blue. All shades of blue just make me happy. It has a calming affect to me. It’s also a great canvas to add different textures and patterns to.

Do people ever ask you about your hair coverings? What do you say to them? A memorable hair wrapping experience you would like to share?
I don’t really get asked much about my hair coverings as much as I get complimented. There is always a look of curiosity, but not much in the way of conversation, other then a thank you response. My most memorable hair wrapping experience would have to be when I was in Israel and some of the ladies asked me to cover their heads when we were expected to be in areas where it was required. It was such an honor that they were standing, waiting their turns to be wrapped and they absolutely loved it! Some to this day have continued to wrap their hair even upon returning home.

Any scarf wrapping tips you would like to share with the Wrapunzel ladies? What are you grateful today?
Oh my, tips from me!! I would love to learn more tips from everyone else. The only thing I can think to contribute is to always walk away from the mirror feeling inspired and confident. This light is important for others who need the encouragement to cover their hair and still feel empowered. I am grateful for my family and the opportunities that have been placed before me. My life has truly been blessed and I only pray that I have been that same blessing to others.

Thank you for this opportunity!!

And thank YOU Tiona!  Thanks for reading everyone – let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

23 thoughts on “Our Latest Lady Wrap Star – Tiona!

  1. Wow Tiona, you look stunning. I love the idea of ‘dressing up’ a snood. You have sparked off lots of ideas now for me to try. Snoods can look so boring and sometimes drag the face down, but your example is lovely. I’m off now to see what I can do with my solitary navy winter snood:-)


  2. Yehudis

    I love this post! What a beautiful soul wrapped under those beautiful coverings! Would love to hear more from her. Blessings to you, sister!


  3. Heather Strahin

    If you have a lot of hair, how can you wear a snood far back on your head, like in the pic with the lace underscarf, without the weight of your hair causing the snood to come off? I have such massive hair that putting pins or clips into the front of the snood would probably pull a good deal of hair out. Then the clips would loosen, and my hair would fall down.


    1. Tiona Reed

      What I like to do is put a loose bun in while it’s wet (that’s when I can get the tightest ponytail without it slipping). Then put the lace or whatever scarf on, then on top if that a non slip band where I want the snood to be. That holds the snood along with clips or pins just as an extra security. Hopefully that helps 🙂


  4. Tiona’s story is so inspiring! Thank you for your beautiful example and blessings on all you’re acts of loving kindness, you’re story does bring a smile to my face 🙂 My prayers are with your husband and the others serving in Afghanistan ❤


  5. WOW, amazing, I am so inspired by you Tiona! I am not covering for modesty. I lost my hair. Now it is growing again but my love for head wraps is still there, and I wrap my head every other day. Lots of love!!! Jenny in Australia


    1. Tiona Reed

      How wonderful Jenny!! I’m glad to be an inspiration. I’m sorry to hear your struggle but happy to hear the confidence in your tone, keep it up!!! Happy wrapping!!!


  6. Debra Blackwell

    Beautiful insides Tiona! That’s what shows through. Blessings on you as you love on your little ones today.


  7. Reblogged this on The Joys Of Home and commented:
    I’ve been following Wrapunzel for a long time. It is one of the very first videos I watched to learn how to wrap my hair. She is featuring some of the wonderful ladies that wrap and just had to share this lady. Tiona, I love your wraps and all the colors you blend.


  8. ShtetlFabulous

    Hi! I love your wraps, especially the ones with the lace at your forehead! Do you use lace ribbon, or a lace headband for that “bangs/fringe” layer?


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