Skirt = Headwrap?! Believe it!

So… you all know Rivka Malka Perlman, right?

If you haven’t heard of her, run (don’t walk!) to her website right now.  This woman is one of my greatest inspirations, and I am proud to say, now also a close friend.

ANYWAY – she recently gave me a stunning teal wrap skirt, and I had been itching to wear it, so I decided to save it for a special occasion.  Last Shabbat seemed like the perfect opportunity.

But then the weather was FREEZING!  Much too cold to wear such a fluttery skirt.  I thought the skirt may have to stay in my closet and wait until the spring.

But Shabbat is a time of miracles, so I had an idea and did what any proud head scarf wrapper would do; I turned it into a tichel!

Bada boom!
Bada boom!

And it subsequently became one of the most beautiful tichels I have ever tied!
andrea grinberg wrapunzel skirt tichel

I know.  And all this was done without damaging the skirt – so it can be worn both ways.

Maybe Rivka Malka and I should start marketing skirts as tichels!  Who wants a tutorial??

25 thoughts on “Skirt = Headwrap?! Believe it!

  1. TJ

    This is definitely tutorial worthy! I see these skirts all the time at local shops and some of the patterns are stunning. Learning to wrap one as a head scarf would be awesome.


  2. Naomi

    I would really enjoy seeing how it is done! It looks SO pretty!!
    (I love the wrap skirts i’ve seen different places and it would be yet another excuse to get one for myself. :))


  3. Cool. I’ve thought about using a skirt before but felt that it was too much fabric. I have used shirts before. I have a link to my video on my blog, the Daily Tichel, if interested.


  4. Marilyn

    This idea is fabulous. Do you suppose along with the tutorial you could show the wrap skirt and reveal the measurements? A wrap skirt pattern would be easy to do via the measurements. Also, the exact description of the fabric, so its not too heavy as a tichel would help. Such a great insight you came up with.


  5. Catherine Levison

    Yes, definitely want a tutorial——-that is hands down the prettiest thing you’ve ever done!! Great job.

    I too have a new fluttery skirt that I thought I’d have to wait for spring to wear. It’s not a wrap-skirt though but it is silk. It doesn’t have any zipper either, just an easy elastic waist.

    Thank YOU !!


  6. It seems like something is in the air- I’ve been experimenting with shirts, as inspired by Peninah at The Daily Tichel (and I have pictures up at How To Cover right now), and now we’re on to skirts. It’s a good time to be expansive. Also, the Style Crone does headwraps with skirts, and hasn’t shared her methods…

    (If you do want to wear it as a skirt, I often just layer such skirts over another of similar or slightly shorter length that’s warm enough for the season. It works quite well for wrap skirts, at least.) But as it is- it makes a gorgeous tichel.


  7. Looks great! Sorry if I repeat a question that someone else may already have asked, but where did you get the “oomph cap” from? Thank you again so much!


  8. emergingclarity

    I have a couple of skirts like that — one a lighter green and one pink — and I’d LOVE to know how to use them as a wrap!


    1. Marilyn

      I agree, as I also have a couple of skirts like that, they are now too short to wear, and could be used as tichels. They are just hanging there now for too many seasons.


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