4 thoughts on “How to Wrap a SKIRT as a Tichel!

  1. Vicki

    Beautiful Andrea! You are so talented!

    Do you have any idea when your online store will open? Will you be carrying clothing? I’m interested as to where I can get long sleeved layering shirts like the white one you are wearing in this video.



  2. Starukhina

    Schalom Andrea!

    Wow, you have incredible ideas!!! I love it! Do you have ever tried to use a pareo as a tichel also? I have one beautiful pareo, but it is very big, and I didn’t come to any good result yet with it when I tried to use it as tichel… Maybe you have a solution? By the way, I am a new follower of your wunderfull blog , from the other side of the Atlantic (I am living in France). And by the way, I am a violonist! Do you come over to Europe some times? I would love to meet you!!! (PS: Sorry for my broken english…).

    Kol tuv la’h,


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