Princess Wrap Tutorial


Here is how to do the much-coveted princess wrap!  As you can see by watching the video, this wrap is very easy to do, provided that you have a large enough scarf to begin with (really, my “scarf” is just a piece of cloth).  Instead of the lace, you can just use any other long scarf, but the lace makes it look much more royal.  Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Princess Wrap Tutorial

  1. Alison

    Thank you! This looks beautiful. I love your website, and I love how women who do and don’t cover full time have such a community here!


      1. princesshannon

        ok, thanks so much! i tried a cotton fabric that was kind of like seersucker, so it didn’t drape at all. it was the only thing i had that large! i have found some amazing tencel and bamboo jersey fabrics that will drape better.


  2. khadijah Muhammad

    Hello, My name is Khadijah. I am currently designing a book about women that cover, I came across your page because I am looking for women that may be interested in being photographed and or interviewed for this project that will showcase the beauty of women that cover in day-to-day life. If interested in learning more please email me at or add me on FB using email


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