Spiral Rose Tutorial!

A word to the wise: if you have just stumbled upon Wrapunzel and/or you are hair wrapping beginner, best you not start with this tutorial!  However, you should definitely watch it to see the wraps that are possible!  This is the most technique intensive tie that I have done, and as you can see in the video, I still haven’t perfected the mechanics of it!  However, so many of you asked, so here is the tutorial!

6 thoughts on “Spiral Rose Tutorial!

  1. We seem to have been thinking similarly lately- I’ve also been having fun with twists. Yours is both beautiful and creative.

    I tend to twist my two scarves together as I go, rather than waiting until the end- I think it makes a tighter twist, which is good for some things (like my dutch crown variation), and less good for others- I’m going to try your technique for when I want a bit more volume in my twists.


  2. Milca

    Andrea absolutely beautiful ! where can I find scarfs like yours? and would you mind telling me what are you wearing underneath and where can I buy it thank you so much.


  3. Ina Cohen

    I am receiving photos but no video tutorials on your last couple of posts. Can you please resend or tell me where to look. Thanks.

    Sent from my iPad


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