10 thoughts on “Infinity Scarf Tutorial!

  1. Naomi

    Very nice! I have one infinity scarf and have managed to figure out a way to wear it, but I really like the way you did it. Thanks for the tutorial! 🙂


      1. Naomi

        Sure! 🙂 To begin with, I wear my hair in a mid- lower bun. I start out like you did in your tutorial, crossing at the nape of my neck. Then, I take one tail and open it, spreading over bun to cover it— afterwards twisting it to secure. I either repeat the last step until fabric is “gone” or instead of spreading it out over bun I just twist the tail around bun like you would an hair elastic until I run out of fabric. Sometimes I secure with hair pins if needed. Hope that makes sense. 🙂 I think the way you did it looks so elegant and can’t wait to try it! 🙂


          1. Naomi

            Your so welcome! Yes, a stretchy fabric works better for sure. I forgot to say, my scarf is not stretchy so I at times I end up with some excess fabric which i twist and tuck under my neck (or hair pin it). You are a great teacher, Andrea, and explain the “how-to” very well. I’ve learned so much from you– thank you!


  2. SDK

    I found another way to wrap an infinity scarf. Start exactly the way you did up to the point where you cross the two “ends” at the back of your head. Now, instead of continuing to twist, bring the entire loop back over the front of your head (you may have to lean forward a bit). The next step depends on the size of your head and the length of the scarf. For me, I twist the scarf twice and then send the whole loop (much smaller now) over the back of my head. At this point, the scarf fits snugly, like a cap, and there’s just a little bit of poof left over. Tuck that into the back, adjust the front, done. The end result looks like a bandeau style tie, but it’s much more comfortable. No knots and so far no slippage, even though I don’t wear a velvet headband.

    Another option is to use the scarf “as-is”, meaning as a flat scarf with two layers stretched between your hands. Fold the top to fit your head, tie once in the back, and you have essentially a big bow at the back of your head like a 19th century schoolgirl. Do something twisty with that, or just let it be if you don’t mind feeling like a big present. This style is kind of boring and not quite worthy of wrapunzel, but it’s very fast and if you jazz up the front a bit or maybe add a short scarf to the mix, I think it has potential.


  3. Eliana

    I have another way of tying an infinity scarf: Start just the way you did, cross the two “ends” at the back. Now hold one end (teeth, shoulder, …), start twisting the other end and bring it around your head in the front (like a crown). You have to twist rather strongly because otherwise it will not look neat. When you are at the back of your head again with the twisted end, just tuck the rest of the scarf inside your bun. That’s it. No knots, no pins, no volumizer needed and really quick 🙂


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