Reaching Infinity

Yes, you read the title correctly!  I finally got myself an infinity scarf, because so many of you have been asking me how to wrap one!  This is the first wrap that I came up with:

andrea grinberg wrapunzel infinity scarf

Keep in mind that infinity scarves vary by size, width, and material.  This particular one had two sides to it ( white lace and blue) and was not stretchy.

This beautiful, sparkly, antique brooch held the wrap together perfectly.  It is quite easy to do, and doesn’t require a volumizer or any particular hair length!  Who wants a tutorial?

13 thoughts on “Reaching Infinity

  1. Jana

    That’s lovely. A tutorial would be much appreciated. Every time I’m at the store and see infinity scarves, I pass by, because I can’t figure out how I would wrap them.


  2. K'tziah

    I agree with Jana…they’re so lovely but I was clueless (and too chicken) to try them myself! We anxiously await your tutorial 🙂 Todah rabbah!!


  3. Ina Cohen

    I would love one. Went shopping at Winners today ( Canada’s answer to TJ Max). Found beautiful tichels just as you said on your site. Thanks for the suggestion.


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