Breezy Flowers

andrea grinberg wrapunzel tichel

I hadn’t worn my favourite gold scarf for a while, so it was time to break it out!  I did a high wrap around my bun and then looped the ends around, fastening them in a single knot at the side.  I added an antique pin for extra security (doesn’t hurt the eyes, either!)  Later on in the day, I added the turquoise sash to add extra interest.

For the outfit, I wore a dress that is often hard to match, but lo and behold, has orange, gold and a bit of turquoise in it!  I wore a longer, swingy skirt underneath because I was going to be playing cello (aka long skirts are necessary!), an cream shell, gold earrings, and lace flats.  All in all, it was comfortable, modest, beautiful, and feminine!  This will likely be one of my new favourite outfit/tichel combos!

andrea grinberg wrapunzel tichel outfit

16 thoughts on “Breezy Flowers

  1. Ina Cohen

    How very gorgeous. You must look like a renaissance angel when you play. My daughter Liora ( you know her from sem) says you play amazingly. Love your blog. I am now wearing teichels instead of blah berets. Thanks for your inspiration!


  2. klsargent91

    you know what would be cool? It might be a lot of work, but if you take pictures of each step of you tying your tichel that might be a nice addition to the blog 🙂 a lot of hijab gurus do it, the only downside is that you have to be really clear with your pictures, but captions help with that. just a suggestion! I love this style though, it’s super pretty 🙂


    1. I would love to, but am just not that handy with cameras! I also sometimes find those photos frustrating because they are not clear. This is why I do video tutorials, which you can find above 🙂


      1. klsargent91

        no worries! I remembered after that it looks like you take most of the photos yourself, which is great! I love your tutorials and the color combos you do 🙂


  3. Shannon

    stunning! i’d love to dress modestly using patterns and prints. i generally wear solids. you’ve piqued my inerest…off to shop for a patterned dress!


  4. I love this! And not that it relates to the wrap, but I LOVE the idea of layering two skirts together. Such a great way to add fun style and stay modest. I will definitely keep this idea in mind as I go through my closet in the next few weeks,


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