Elegant & Earthy (aka clothing post #1!)

You asked, and I have listened!  Here is the first of hopefully many posts where clothing matching suggestions are included.   Many ladies shy away from anything other than solid colours when covering; I know I used to!  However, this need not be.  As long as you use the scarf to pull out and enhance colours of your outfit, the scarf can actually allow you to wear MORE colour combinations than you previously would dare.  I am looking forward to showing you how this is possible as I post more clothing advice.

But I digress.  Here is outfit #1!  Often for my outfits, I pick the scarf first (because obviously that’s what I love choosing the most), but in this instance, the shirt was one I had been wanting to wear for a while, so that was picked first.  The brown skirt and layering shirt were easy choices, and the orange and gold scarf matched the shirt perfectly!  Even though the scarf has silver threads in it, the gold earrings and pin were a good match.  I could have easily added a green sash to the scarf wrap as well.

andrea grinberg wrapunzel outfit

You may recognize the scarf as the background curtain of many of the tutorial videos.  Remember?
andrea grinberg wrapunzel tichelThis scarf was delegated as a curtain because I previously thought it was too thick to wrap well.  Since moving, the pashmina “curtains” were taken down, and I decided to try wrapping it on my head!  I don’t think this will going back to being a curtain any time soon 🙂




The scarf was wrapped in a basic pashmina regal wrap.  Here is the result!

andrea grinberg wrapunzel tichel pashmina

I hope you are all doing well and having a lovely weekend!
Love, Andrea

17 thoughts on “Elegant & Earthy (aka clothing post #1!)

  1. Gorgeous! I love the scarf. 🙂 (But also really liked the fact that this was a head covering-only blog.)
    But aren’t you a little confused? Or did you mean to post this on Friday? ‘Cause it’s not weekend anymore . . .


    1. It’s Sunday, which in the USA is still the weekend!

      Don’t worry, this is still head covering! It’s helping ladies match their clothes TO their head coverings! I would never do anything like a fashion blog, because that’s not what this site is about (and not what I’m about either).


      1. Felicia

        I for one am very pleased to see how the head tie goes with the clothing. I’ve always loved, but never too sure how to match up. No point of beautiful head tie if it doesn’t fit in.


  2. Vicki

    Thank you Andrea. This was very helpful and your choices were lovely! Looking forward to seeing more clothes matching suggestions 🙂


  3. Mandie

    Wow – Your multi-coloured shirt is stunning and the tichel is beautiful, too beautiful to not wear it as a headcovering 😉 I hope you had a restful Shabbat & that y’all are settling in nicely!


  4. Oh Mightly Isis!

    Glad you chose to show the outfit with this scarf because the combination is gorgeous!
    I also like that you are using thicker pashminas for the head wrap. Coming into fall, I would imagine that is helpful.


  5. TJ

    Lovely combination! Showing the outfit is very helpful, especially for beginners who may have trouble seeing how the head covering fits into the whole process of getting dressed. Great idea!


  6. Katharina

    Thank you so much for the headwrap – clothing combination! See, I would have shied away from wearing this shirt because of the green in it – but it works out well. Thanks also for the inspiration to first select the tichel and then the clothing accordingly. Usually, I do it the other way round (and end up using the same tichels all over).


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