The Israeli Scarf Accent

If you’ve been following these posts, you have likely seen that I have a deep appreciation for Israeli tichels.  This name is referring to the solid-coloured, thin cotton scarves that have lines of silver thread running through them.  On the streets of Jerusalem, you can often find them in various small shops for under 10 shekels.  I have used them as full hair coverings, scrunched up as volumizers, but mostly folded up as sashes.  I find they add a perfect splash of contrast and sparkle to most other wraps.  Here it is in black, used as a sash accent!  (Click on photos to see in detail.)

3 thoughts on “The Israeli Scarf Accent

  1. Paulina

    This is beautifult. Apart from the tichel, you used two other scarves, right? I am not sure how to tie that. Is there a tutorial already?


  2. Joy

    Andrea, I’m new to wearing tichels.I love watching your tutorials and pictures. It’s such an encouragement to see how expressive and beautiful this mitzvah can be. What do you do on summer days when it simply feels heavy on your head? I’ve noticed that if I put my hair in a bun when it’s still damp I stay cooler. Any tips or suggestions?


  3. How do you fold the Israeli tichel narrow enough so that it looks like a tidy sash and not bulky? Every time I try to make it narrow and sleek, I fail miserably. 😦


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