New Scarf, Easy Style

I was wearing a grey skirt and mauve shirt… what scarf could possibly match?  For some reason, I dug through my “give-away” pile of scarves, and uncovered this beauty, which matched my outfit perfectly!  I think that I had it pegged to give away because it is a little dark for my skin tone… but still!  It was almost *too* perfect in terms of matching, know what I mean?  Anyway, I tied a simple long scarf bun with it and added a small pin;  Does anyone want a tutorial on how to tie a bun with a long scarf?

5 thoughts on “New Scarf, Easy Style

  1. a long scarf bun tutorial would be awesome!!! I am kind of getting in a rut and wearing the same style over and over…looking for something different and since most of my scarves are long that would be perfect 🙂


  2. If you wanted to make a tutorial for this one, I would gladly use it, as would lots of other ladies, I’m sure! 🙂 My only question is, can you do it without a volumizer? My hair is rather long and insanely thick, so I don’t use one.


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