Extra Oomph Waterfall Twist (and updates!)

I am loving this waterfall twist wrap that I recently did a tutorial on (see the tutorial here).  It is so easy and elegant!  And it’s easy to make it even more fancy by adding a thin scarf/sash to the wrap.  Check it out!

(Please note that these photos were taken post 15 hour bus trip and pre makeup, which is why I look a little more tired than usual 😛 )


Congratulations to Eliana for winning our Judith de Paris giveaway!  This was announced on Sunday on our facebook page.  Make sure you “like” this page in order to receive these updates!  This giveaway was so successful – 115 entries describing what the entrant is grateful for right now.  I high recommend reading them if you need a lift and smile!  Sooooo… what do you think, ladies?  Should we do more Wrapunzel giveaways?

On Sunday I gave a talk and demonstration at a hair wrapping extravaganza in the Young Israel of Philadelphia.  This was my first time speaking beyond the “hows” of covering and getting into the “whys”.  The event was very well put together; I had an inspiring time, was smiling all the way home and look forward to doing many more events like this in the future!  AND, I got to meet Judith of Judith de Paris in person!

Andrea Grinberg Judith de Paris Wrapunzel

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