A No-no Becomes a Yes-yes!

Black and blue, red, orange, and pink, black and brown… these are all color combos that I grew up thinking were a “no-no” to wear together.  Well, time has taught me the error in my ways, and currently I LOVE turning these no-nos into YES-YESSES!!  Who says you can’t wear brown and black together?  Not I!   I’m loving it!

I’m wearing a black Shimmery and a brown Lakeshore Bliss!  Perfect for a chilly day!

What are some “no-no” combinations you’ve been brave enough to try?

Love, Andrea

6 thoughts on “A No-no Becomes a Yes-yes!

  1. Jocelyn M Schultz Isenberg

    It’s all a matter of shades! I love playing with color in my clothes, wraps and card making but certain colors will always scream at each other.


  2. punxxi

    Andrea, your combo is great and your brown scarf matches your top so well! I sometimes put discordant colors of blue together, there are so many that clash!


  3. Meira Atik

    I love playing with color combos that used to be no-nos. Those combos tend to look amazing. Black and brown together is so rich. And they’re both classic neutrals, so they go with everything, including each other.


  4. Rina

    I love mixing purple and red/burgundy. I add in black in order to give it a more formal look. (Try: black shiny-licious, dark red shimmery, purple shiny-licious.)


  5. I am not a two-scarf person. Actually I wear scarves only occasionally, but I found that my light brown scarf looks surprisingly good with a grey sweater. As Jocelyn said, it’s a question of shades.


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