The Shimmery Sash!

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have a few shimmeries in your collection that are starting to get holes from their much-loved constant use!  Thrifty solution: rip them up to make sashes!  I love incorporating these sashes into wraps where a whole shimmery might cause too much bulk!

See the gold shimmery sash?

Here is a tutorial I made about it:

Love this double braid style I’m wearing today!  The different widths create almost a medieval feel.

Would you rip up your shimmeries to try this?  Happy wrapping y’all!

Love, Andrea

2 thoughts on “The Shimmery Sash!

  1. Janna

    Thank you for this video. I was just wondering about this, actually! I had been thinking ahead to when my shimmeries get holes, and it would be such a shame to get rid of them. They are so beautiful :).


  2. Diane Ullman

    I think I’ve told this story before, but your blog entry made me remember the accidental way I discovered what an amazing thing a torn Shimmery can be. So I’d love to tell the full story about how it happened.

    While I like the Shimmeries for their rich color and pretty fringe, I found I disliked their weight, bulk, and tendency to go into holes. I admit I’m a little rough on them sometimes, so what happened shouldn’t have being surprising. You see, I switched to the Shinylicious, which has a more subtle sparkle than the Shimmery, but is similar to the 2in1 in that it’s lighter and easier to work with–and a good bit tougher than it’s shimmering cousin.

    But then, what to do with all those lovely, heavy Shimmeries? I took them out and rolled them up to store them in another drawer. In so doing I tore one. It was a terrible rent that split the sash lengthwise from the middle all the way to the fringed end, meaning it probably had a hole in it before I even started. Frustrated, and knowing I couldn’t repair the tear, I ripped the scarf apart. Then, looking at the two pieces in my hand, I realized how much lighter it was. New possibilities dawned in my mind. Now, for full coverage I wear my lightweight, cool Shinylicious and every one of my Shimmeries has been torn in half making some of the most gorgeous sashes (and a headband or two) a wrapping lady could ask for.

    I’m tickled that you do it too, but have you noticed that the raw edge sometimes ravels? I tried a few drops of FrayChek, but it discolored part of the sash and didn’t work very well for this purpose. I’d like to ask; do you recommend hemming the torn end, or do you leave the edge raw?

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