What is YOUR Go-To Color Combo?


I firmly believe that every woman needs a “go-to” color combination that will make her feel fabulous no matter what.  My “go-to” is teal and brown.  What’s yours?

Today I’m wearing a teal shiny licious and dark brown lakeshore bliss – my outfit is just a comfy loose top (perfect for nursing), a turquoise pin skirt and boots.  I feel so fantastically comfortable and am really able to move and do everything I need to do!

Can’t wait to hear your go-to color combinations!  Who knows?  Maybe your “go-to” will inspire something new in someone else!


Sending you all lots of love, Wrapunzelistas!
Love, Andrea

9 thoughts on “What is YOUR Go-To Color Combo?

  1. I haven’t started layering yet (I’m a new wrapper), but my absolute favorite scarf, the one I go to when I want to feel like a million bucks, is a stunning blue/gold pashmina my mom gave me. It’s shiny and has birds and flowers on it… It’s my favorite thing ever.


  2. Jocelyn Schultz Isenberg

    I have to be honest that I don’t have ONE go-to combo. I get bored too easily. It also depends on the season. I wear a lot of browns and jewel tones in the winter but switch to pastels in the summer. It’s not conscious, just something I’ve noticed in my wardrobe. Black also creeps into my wardrobe more in the winter than summer.


  3. Meira Schneider-Atik

    I have a lot of color combos that I love- brown and teal, brown and purple, green and yellow, green and blue, green and orange, red and orange, red and purple…


  4. Chanah

    For me, almost all shades of purple always work for me and make me feel very beautiful. This ranges from pink/ lilac purple to eggplant purple . Combined with other go to favourite colours such as navy, certain other shades of blue dark grey, pewter, silver, and rare shades of pink that have tinges of purple always work really well for me.


  5. Elisabet

    Ohhh, my favourite combo is black and a sandy brown scarf with a whole lot of green. I know that sound a bit odd but I feel comfortable and awesome in my Wicked top and my sandy/black Persian design scarf!!! If I was allowed, I’d would wear it every day!


  6. sharona

    my go to is defently the colors of purple, when i’m wearing an outfit with purple in it and purple shades scarves i d’ont need to put makeup it’s like the color brings out the shinny me 🙂


  7. mehitabel

    You look fabulous, Andrea! I love my shimmeries, but have been a bit shy of wearing them as a daytime look. You may have changed my mind about that.

    I guess my go-to colors would be black and dark blue with red sashes or sari scarves. That said: I more generally choose my go-to by scarves, rather than color [lakeshore bliss, woven vines for cool weather; new york brights and sari scarves for warmer weather].

    Thanks very much for posting this entry on the blog!


  8. Kathy

    I think you look stunning, especially considering you have just had a new addition to your family recently. Those are truly your colors. I love all blues and greens with a bluish tint in them. I love every color even tho I don’t buy many that don’t go well with my skin tone=aka, Lily Munster pallor!


  9. Amanda

    I haven’t got favorite color combinations, but individual colors. Natural/ivory in winter (think cozy wool sweaters) and faded denim blue in summer (my favorite jean skirt). Whatever I wear with those things, I feel fantastic. I usually match my scarves to whatever else I wear for added color, though I did just get ivory and aqua NY Brights, which will most likely become my go-tos.


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