Naomi Rose: Raspberry and Chocolate

Does anyone else ever realize that their outfit was inspired by food? Anyone…..? (crickets chirping) Okay, it might just be me, but I loved putting together this casual outfit this morning! I needed a contrasting color for the raspberry pink, and dark chocolate brown was just the perfect choice.


I used a Striped Delight in Wild Rose and a dark brown 2in1 to make this wrap. Click here for a tutorial on how it’s tied – it’s the 2-scarf Regal Wrap, probably one of my favorite weekday tichels!


This is pretty standard fare for me, clothes-wise – unless I’m going somewhere fancy, I usually wear comfy skirts and tops in basic colors with one or two little details (like the collar on the t-shirt, or some nice earrings) to keep it from getting too boring.

Do you have favorite color pairings for your outfits or tichels? What inspired you to try them together? Have you ever found inspiration in an unusual or silly place? Share with us in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Naomi Rose: Raspberry and Chocolate

  1. Cheryl

    Very pretty color combination, Naomi Rose. I really like mixing brown with color – looks less severe and softer than pairing all my colors with black.
    I’d like to pose a question. I cover my hair in public and when there are male guests in my home, but I feel as if I’m shortchanging my husband(by keeping my hair in braids, buns or twists) when it’s just us alone. When I let my hair down and loose I get a head full of tangles that are too much to cope with daily. Does anyone else with African American, or similarly, textured hair have this issue, and if so what have been your styling solutions? He’s not complaining, but I think I can do better to look pretty just for him alone.

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    1. Naomi Rose

      Hi Cheryl! I don’t have the same hair type as you, so I can’t speak to that (hopefully some of our other readers can?). But I would definitely ask your husband if you get a chance, whether he has a preferred hair style on you. You might find that he doesn’t mind whether it’s up or down, and finds you pretty either way… and then you wouldn’t feel any guilt for wearing buns or twists or braids. šŸ™‚

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      1. Cheryl

        Naomi Rose, thank you. I actually didn’t think of asking. D’uh! Some things are so simple and I find a way to make them complicated. Thanks again.


  2. Melissa Medford

    Oh the colors are very nice and scarves just seem to pull things together…helpful most days in thinking of new and exciting ways to wear our clothes that may not hold together, color wise, left alone by themselves. I just got 4 new scarves for my birthday so I just couldn’t wait to wrap even though I am still in my pajamas. Ha, I work from home I am not slacking, though I wish i were. Have a blessed day,


  3. Hassiba

    Dear Naomi, this combination is very beautiful, also the shirts with the skirt. I love to pair brown with turquoise or light blue. Also Turquoise with teals or orange / copper shades, but none of that’s inspired by things to eat šŸ™‚ Maybe you could say that another one of my favourite combinations stems from the fruit basket: warm, golden green with mango colours or orange. Yummy…


  4. batshush

    I love this colour combination!! And I must say, with you pale complection, darker shades suit you very well indeed. NOT black, though.
    Speaking of funny places for inspirations, during Rosh Hashana I had a dream about wearing an ivtersting combination, and I wore it this Shabbat!! It was an ocre shell, a dark green top, and a burgendy skirt. With scarves to match, of course. To me the combination felt very autumnal (my favorite season), so I eas very pleased. I took a few pictures of the scarves, will try and post them on the fangroup.


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