Hola Y’all! (Or better yet, Shalom, Y’all!)

Hi everyone!

I’m writing to you from beautiful Jerusalem, where my husband, Shalomy and I are so grateful to be for the Jewish holidays.  This visit is going to be different from any that we’ve had before, as we are staying with my in-laws and with all the celebrations and family visits I am going to have very little time for anything else.  It’s super duper hot here, (actually, not hotter than Baltimore, but AC is a rarity!) so putting more than two 2 in 1s on my head during the day is just not a wise idea.  I’ve also been leaving my ears out!  Here are two styles I’ve worn since getting here (I didn’t manage to get photos on Rosh Hashana).

I did my burgundy and exotic spice 2 in 1 in a criss cross:IMG_20150913_130100561

And I finally got to try out The Gigi Wrap!  I am totally in love!

I hope you are all doing wonderfully, wherever you are, and may you be blessed with a sweet, happy, and good new year!

Love, Andrea

14 thoughts on “Hola Y’all! (Or better yet, Shalom, Y’all!)

  1. Jan

    Shalom and here’s wishing you a very happy and sweet New Year also. It’s so difficult in extreme heat isn’t it? I can still only manage a single tichel where I am in AZ. Just want to say how lovely the Gigi looks. Simple but great look.


  2. Stephanie Brent

    Shana tova — Enjoy your time in Jerusalem.

    I am very grateful to have discovered your blog just when I need to do something about the hair loss from chemo. I’ve seen other websites but yours is the only one I could actually follow (although I might cut the eternity scarf at the seam and NOT have to deal with that issue).

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    1. I just finished doing chemo and radiation and the tichels were the absolute best things ever! I have worn wigs all my life, but couldn’t stand the feeling of one on my head when my hair was gone. This is the best place to buy your headband/volumiser…they work great. Glad you found this place!


  3. Do you come to Israel once a year? For chagim? I feel like you’re here tons (of course, I never meet you, LOL), but can’t figure out when to expect it.


  4. Meira Atik

    When it’s hot out, I generally avoid using anything more than one scarf at a time. And I don’t cover my ears in the summer. Two more things we have in common. I hope that you and your family are enjoying being home. May we all be together in Eretz Yisrael very soon. And may you and your family be blessed with a G’mar Chatimah Tovah.


  5. Refaela

    Shana tova!
    I do so adore the burgundy/exotic spice combo on you – the colours wouldn’t work on me, but they shine on you. Are you wearing your volumizer higher lately?


  6. Amber-joy

    Hi Andrea!
    I’d love a short tutorial or 101 on Rosh Hashanah. My daughter and I are studying jewish tradition and took apples, honey and chahala bread. How do you pronounce the greeting L’Shana Tova? Thank you Amber-joy


  7. Ivelisse Jimenez

    Hello Andrea. I feel so bless to be able to learn about hair covering and what it represents. But , in my situation, hardly no one where I live understand the conviction that I received from Hashem. I’m 48 years old , and I’m single. I had been divorced since 1992 , but I started seriously my walk of faith eight years ago. I cover my hair to honor Him. He is my head , my authority, my husband my everything. He took me out of the darkness and now I’m a new person. I feel so protected when I cover my hair and beautiful at the same time, because He makes me feel beautiful through His love. So I thank Hashem for you for using you as a vessel of honor.


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