Where do YOU wrap?

We’re loving this awesome idea started by Abby Ritter on our Fangroup. Wrapunzelistas are wrapping all over the world… roll call time! Take a picture of yourself in a tichel in one of your favorite places – hometown or elsewhere! Use the hashtags #WhereIWrap and #[your city]Wrapunzelista to share your pictures with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@wrapunzelstore)!

Here’s some from us!

Andrea’s #WhereIWrap: Outside the walls of the gorgeous Old City in Jerusalem! #JerusalemWrapunzelista


Naomi Rose’s #WhereIWrap: Β At the amazing Public Market! #RochesterWrapunzelista


Yum, nectarines!


So where do YOU wrap? Can’t wait to see your pictures!!!

10 thoughts on “Where do YOU wrap?

  1. Diane Drexler-Little

    Great photo of Andrea outside the Old City. I don’t do Facebook, but I am on Twitter. (@wrapunzel_ladies) is next to Instagram so I am just wondering if it is also the same for Twitter?

    Any tips for taking a photo of yourself or what they call selfies? Every time I try, I look horrible. (I had tried at the Kotel, and it didn’t come out at all with only half of my face and my eyes half closed.) I guess that I will need to teach my husband how to use the iPhone for photos. (He is 71 & technically challenged so I need to give him some leeway:)

    So, I would love some tips for photos.

    By the way, I received my order today with three of the new striped scarves (I saw them when you did the video with Elisheva on using the shapers), and I absolutely love them. They are comfortable and are easy to wrap. Now, after saying that, I will now try and take a photo:) Look for me on Twitter (@DianeLDL).


    1. Naomi Rose

      Hi Diane! We’re @wrapunzelstore on Twitter πŸ™‚ Selfies are tough… I get my best photos when I ask someone else to take them. If that doesn’t work I try to put my camera on a stable surface and use the self-timer, depending on where I am and what kind of photo I’m trying to get sometimes that works better! Glad you’re enjoying the Striped Delights!


  2. Diane Drexler-Little

    I just checked and there is no @wrapunzel_ladies on Twitter. All I get is Wrapunzel store when I search Wrapunzel. So, do I use @wrapunzel ?


  3. Gabrielle

    A bit late to this party, as I just started “Wrapunzeling” πŸ™‚ But, here it goes anyway…

    Tucson, Arizona, USA…which means I’ll be doing my best to find a way to stuff an ice pack under my shaper during our looooong, hot summer! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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