Tutorial on Wrapunzel’s Jersey Joy!

We’re getting so much joy from these jersey panels!  Here’s an easy, elegant way to wrap them!

7 thoughts on “Tutorial on Wrapunzel’s Jersey Joy!

  1. Nikki

    This is absolutely awesome!

    Know anyone coming to South Africa who can bring for me?

    Btw Andrea saw the article about your husband in the Mishpacha magazine. Can’t wait to read it


  2. Paola den Outer

    Isn’t that Wendy’s beret volumizer? Great wrap btw; I love these materials; they make live easy and are populair amongst hijabis here


  3. I am wondering if these easy to tie jersey tichels might not be a good solution for cancer patients. I remember that my grandma always complained that she had difficulties to hold up her arms long enough to tie a headwrap, when she was going through chemotherapy because of breast-cancer, She ended up wearing pre-tied head-coverings only.


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