How to Not Have Too Many Scarves :)

This. Is. Hilarious!  I nearly spit hot chocolate all over my computer when reading it the first time (hey, it’s cold here!)  Reminds me of the days when I read though the Confessions of a Shopaholic series.  This was written by the hilarious Alana Sheldahl, who has been a part of the Wrapunzel community for years.  I think we’ve all had those moments when we organize our scarf collections and are completely overwhelmed!  Well, this should help!

wrapunzel scarves

How to NOT have too many scarves:

Divide and conquer. It’s not a question of how MANY scarves you have. After all, life is full of so many different seasons, occasions, and colors. Divide and conquer, sisters. Divide. And. Conquer.

1. Step one: set aside all your sari scarves and sari sashes. You can count them later.

2. Pull out all your pashminas. Inventory. Realize you only own 30 of them and if you wear one per day, you will still not have enough pashminas asthere are days left this winter. Drink some hot cocoa and browse the Wrapunzel site for what else you can buy to fill in the obvious gap in your winter tichel wardrobe. Pashminas are their own separate entity and don’t really count in your tichel inventory, do they? No, they stand alone. Give them their own space.

3. Set aside all your sashes…because they aren’t real scarves anyways. These sashes hardly count, because they need other scarves to go with them. They are decoration.

4. 2 in 1‘s don’t count in your “real tichels” pile….soooo light weight, and basic. You need ALL of them. Make a list of the colors you lack.

5. Separate out the rest of your tichels into color categories. Notice how each shade of blue is different, that your half dozen mostly-green scarvces are all unique and how there’s so many shades of reds the mind is boggled. Clearly, when you divide them by color you have very few tichels […of each color].

6. Put all your New York Brights in one place. Only five of them? Plan to rectify as soon as possible.

7. Again, Shimmeries and Shiny scarves are in a special category all their own. Like 2-in-1’s, a full tichel wardrobe means having all the colors. Collect on, sister!

8. Notice how FEW scarves you have when looked at categorically. Be amazed at your frugality. Oh, and everything lace goes in that drawer over there…

9. Have another cup of hot beverage and make a wish list.

10.; And whatever you do…never ever EVER count your sari scarves.

18 thoughts on “How to Not Have Too Many Scarves :)

  1. I am SO MUCH enjoying the beautiful blog and I have enjoyed the Youtube videos as well. All of you ladies are charming, fashionable, devoted and sincere religious ladies and I admire you all so much. The sense of humor displayed in this post is a perfect example of why I love to stay in touch and keep up with you ladies. UNFORTUNATELY, I am giving up my internet at home because I cannot afford it, as my internet carrier keeps promising one rate and giving another. This has been going on for YEARS, and I have just had it. I live on Social Security and it just isn’t enough. Soooo…I must say goodbye and cancel my email notifications of your wonderful blog, but I will keep you in my prayers. God bless you all….and enjoy all the tichels!

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  2. Jocelyn Schultz Isenberg

    I’ve been “collecting” scarves of all shapes and sizes for almost 40 years. I only throw one out when it becomes so torn or ragged that I can’t even wear it to run to the bathroom when we have guests sleeping over. I have thrown out very few. I must have at least 200, more than likely closer to 300. Each time I go to Israel (at least once a year) I say I’m not buying anymore tichels but we all know I HAVE to get that one — or two or three. . . — really great one I saw over in that store. And now I’ve discovered Wrapunzel! Boy am I in trouble 😉


  3. Hilde Mott

    This was hilarious. But I truly have too many scarves – as evidenced by the fact that I don’t have sufficient storage for all of them. That means I have too many, right? Or am I looking at this from the wrong perspective. The scarves are not the problem. The lack of storage space is the problem. I’ll have to fix that.Time to start hunting for a bigger house!


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