Lotsa Wintery Twists!

Decided to do a combination of twists this morning – one around the crown and a double at the side!  I’m loving it!  So perfect for this chilly weather!  (And I’m loving this sweater that I got at goodwill on sale!  So big and comfy!)

Here are some tutorials/inspiration to check out for this wrap!  Should I make a tutorial for this?
Artsy Twists;   Do the Twist!;  Triple-y Twisted

I’m wearing a denim Lakeshore Bliss, Navy NYB, and a gold Perfect Headband 🙂

wrapunzel andrea grinberg

Wishing you all a Shabbat filled with love and shalom!  Hope you’re doing well and sending you hugs!

11 thoughts on “Lotsa Wintery Twists!

    1. Yes!!! a tutorial would be wonderful!!! Also… I am a heavy-set middle-aged woman… do you have suggestions for wraps that look good on a larger woman. Some of these wraps are just beautiful, but they wouldn’t look right on me. Thanks!!! Shabbat Shalom!


  1. Of course, you should do video tutorials! Looks like everything is wintery where you are. Today we were so cold this morning I substituted a heavy balaclava for toque or tichel. It was still -26C (-14.8F) at 8:30 when I was getting my breakfast at a local bakery (and that was not taking the wind chill factor into account). It must’ve been at least a couple of degrees colder when I was scraping the van before taking my guy to school. Enjoy your Sabbath!


  2. Yetta

    Hi Andrea, Please for a tutorial, I can’t wait to see if there is a new tutorial out of the wrapunzel girls. Lovies Yetta


  3. Mirjam

    Just so beautiful, as always! I will try that!
    Shalom from France… where we don’t know what’s gonna be next in the next few days. Yes, sometimes, you could be scared showing in the streets that you are jewish… BUT… Please, everybody, keep doing mitzvot, keep saying Sh’ma, Mashiakh is gonna come soon to bring peace! Bimeera beyameinu, amen!


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