Meet Chagit!

Chagit is truly a wrap star in every single way!  She is bold, fun, and never afraid to try something new!  Every time I come across a photo of her, my first reaction is “Wow!”  And then my second reaction is, “How did she do that?!”  Here she is, sharing her heart and mind, and teaching us some of her essential tips and tricks!  I know you’ll love her as much as I do!  (Make sure you click on her photos to get the full impact of amazingness!)



Hi Chagit!  Can you tell us a little about yourself; how you spend your time, where you live, family, interesting hobbies etc.?
Hi sweetie and Hello to all those beautiful ladies out there. So before I start I just wanna say that Im super honored that you like my wrapping style. I just couldnt start without first saying, “Thanks”.
Hi again, my name is Chagit Rivera. I was born in Puerto Rico. Grew up in South Florida and now live in Israel with my beautiful family. I’ve been blessed with an awesome husband and seven beautiful kids B’H.
I consider myself to be a busy bee. I’m a stay at home mom and keep myself very busy tending to my house and family. The things that bring me pleasure are cooking shows, decorating, shopping, ice coffee, movie nights with my two older kids, pizza making night with the family, going to the city with my hubby, women’s classes/hanging out with my girlfriends and a clean house. Oh, and I absoluty LOVE wrapping! I LOVE talking about wrapping. I LOVE seeing all the beautiful wraps all around me.
Why do you cover your hair?
I cover for religious reasons.
How long have you been covering your hair?  How did you feel about it when you first started? 
I’ve been covering for a long long time. I first started covering with hats and that was kinda easy cause I loved hats then I moved to wraps/tichels. I was kinda sad when I had to cover my hair. To me my hair was my beauty. Everyone loved my hair. I always got tons of compliments about my hair. Silly me.
How do you feel about it now?
Thank G-d I was wrong about the whole need to show my hair thing. I love to wrap. I feel like a queen. I feel beautiful, sexy, unique and still a part of something holy, something undescribable.
What inspires your head coverings?  Have you always been this creative?
I get inspiration from things around me. From different people. From different colors, from different patterns and textures. Inspiration is EVERYWHERE! I have always been a creative person and this helps me with my wraps. As a matter of fact,  you, Andrea are responsible for giving me that extra inspiration. Seeing you do what you do allowed me to try new things and explore this beautiful mitzva. I am forever grateful. Thanks babe.
What colour/pattern advice do you have for other wrappers out there?
Everyone of us is different. We have different backgrounds, different skin tones, different styles. I’ll tell you what I do. I love to use all shades of greens, blues, purple, grays and browns. I love to throw in some polka dots, stripes, animal prints and floral prints. I use the colors that talk to ME and make me feel yummy inside. Cause at the end of the day it brings a smile to my face and others will feel my vibe.
Any tips/tricks/secrets you can share with us?
#1 Trick –  My all-time favorite trick is called “HEADBANDS”. Yes, you heard me correctly. I love using headbands. It adds so much to my wrap without adding tons of extra material. People never know its a headband until I tell them and trust me it looks awesome. Its like magic.
#1 Tip – Its just two words. TUCK and PAT. Again, Tuck and Pat. Thats all to it. The results are incredible.
#1 Secret – Well I guess its not a secret anymore. I’m gonna have to say besides my “headbands”, its the fact that I double poof. Yea, sounds crazy but I love it. And since I pin my accessories to my wraps to give it that nice clean look it doesnt hurt.
What are some of the most important hair covering lessons you’ve learned over the years?
Lesson number one: You have to LOVE your wrap.
Lesson number two: velvet handband.
Lesson number three: Simple is also beautiful.
Lesson number four: You have a whole lifetime to get this wrapping thing right. Don’t try things at are gonna overwhelm you. This is a beautiful mitzva. Remember, its beauty and everything else will come together sooner or later.
An inspiring (or funny) hair covering moment that stands out in your mind?
I have inspiring and sometimes funny moments everytime I go in the city. I have NO problem stopping someone and letting her know how beautiful I think her headcovering is and how absolutely incredible she looks. I ask them how they wrapped it, and even where they bought a certain scarf. There is no shame to this wrapping journey I’m on. Oh, and by the way, I don’t speak hebrew so it can get pretty funny cause I find myself talking with my hands more than usual.
What does you hair covering say about your soul?
It tells me that I am a queen. That I am part of a holy plan. That I am not alone. I AM BEAUTIFUL BECAUSE I AM A WOMAN.
Any inspiring words for the ladies on the Wrapunzel blog?
Don’t be afraid to show a little bit of your personality in your wraps. You are all amazing beautiful women.
What are you grateful for right now?
I’m grateful for alot of things. But at this very moment I am grateful to be alive, to have the ability to see G-d’s beauty, to feel a loving hug and to touch my kids’ soft faces – completly humbled by G-d’s everlasting love.
Thank you so much Chagit for your inspiring words and beautiful photos!   Aint she a doll? Oh, guess what ladies!??  She’s started making tutorials!  Check these out!

31 thoughts on “Meet Chagit!

  1. Donna H.

    Great interview Andrea and Chagit. Chagit I would love to see a tut on how you created the wrap which is the fourth set of photos from the bottom on the right side…you are wearing mostly rust colors with some aquas thrown in. Also, please go into details about your reference to “double poof”. If this refers to extra layering, how do you get your scarves long enough to braid? I always run out of scarf even when loosely braided. Thanks!


    1. Chagit Rivera

      Im sorry but Im not sure which one you are talking about. If you could give me abit more info then I can do the tutorial. 🙂 Thanks


  2. Devora Clark

    I LOVE the multiple headband idea!!!! Now, let me get some. I like paisley and hippie flowers. Do they make those kinds of headbands yet????


      1. Devora Clark

        LOL Ashley: )))) I LOVE colours to surround my face like a piece of artwork that frames my face. Next, I’ll be experimenting with flowers:) Bless you!

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Jodie

        I have been trying to wrap in cool ways for a while now. But without much luck. Then I stumbled onto your profile on wrapunzel and then say your YouTube videos. Amazing!!!!!
        Could you please contact me as I have some questions on your wrapping style??



  3. Awesome interview, good tutorial. Slow is better then trying to go too fast and blurring don’t that fast and blurry is not cool. Chagit you did great with your explanation.. so very clear and easy to follow. Don’t go silent we need your words of explanation.


  4. Monique

    Thanks for sharing this amazing wrapstar. Thank you Chagit for your inspirational words and the beautiful wraps on the pics. I also would love to see a tutorial on the same wrap as Donna H asked for. Thanks Andrea and Chagit!


      1. lynnreedcrowder

        I am excited to see what can be done with so many different types of headbands….even just USING headbands is a new concept to me….I lOVE what you do with them!!!!


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  6. Stephanie Golde

    I have been watching Chagit’s tutorials to get some ideas for using my headbands and I have had so much fun with them. I’m so sad she stopped posting. I really like her style. Very beautiful


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