Sisterly Love!

How grateful am I, to not only be in Jerusalem, but to also be here at the same time as my sister in law, Naomi.  Many of you will recognize her as a Lady Wrap Star on here, and she is so humbled that her post has touched so many women!  There is much that I want to say about sisterhood and friendship; and though we both didn’t grow up with sisters (I have one brother, she didn’t have siblings), we are learning together.  We are learning that there is infinite power and potential in woman to woman connection, and I know that loving and bringing out the best of each other is going to change the world!

And now… tichels 🙂  Yes, we traded sari scarves!

And here’s a closeup of my wrap!  Peacock pin was a long time ago gift from Naomi, and sunny shiny yellow scarf is from my mother in law.  Yay for beautiful gifts and feeling your head being hugged by the ones you love!

Let’s all take a moment to be grateful for the incredible women (and of course, men too – let’s not forget them!) that we have been given, and think of one nice thing that you can tell one of these people today.  Now, go do it 🙂  With love.

8 thoughts on “Sisterly Love!

  1. You two are so Wrapunzellistic beautiful! The colors, just beautiful! Our God is so good that always gives us these moments of joy. Hope your days in Jerusalem are the best.


  2. Laurel

    Very inspirational. I grew up with 2 sisters whom I love. My problem right now, however, is that we’ve grown to rely on each other so much that it seems to have displaced my desire to pursue friendships with other women. And I need that kind of individuation; to encounter & internalize experiences outside the family framework. So, good on you all around! But your post just gave me the “kick in the pants” to get out and nurture friendships with like-minded women–like I used to but then, just got lazy–b/c being around my sisters, who love me warts and all, was so much easier….? Food for thought.


  3. I so enjoyed this post, Andrea! So grateful that HaShem has given you this opportunity in the Land (my turn is coming up this fall! B”H!!) with those you love! I pray that my future sister-in-law and I have the same kind of bonds that you and Naomi have- sisters are priceless!

    Much love to you!


  4. its so lovely to see such joy . I wish I could share this with my sister but sadly she pass away 5 yrs ago this October.but she is never day I hope to take my mum to Israel G-d willing.


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