Today is such a gift!  We hosted a vibrant, bustling in-person Wrapunzel event this morning at Rivka Malka’s house – it was so much fun bonding with all these beautiful women and teaching them how to wrap!  We also have a very rare, pre Pesach sale at the Wrapunzel Store happening only today (yes, right now!)… it is our first time doing something like this so we were uper duper excited!  It has been so much fun watching so many creative orders come in and maintaining the site as the day goes on!  I also had a very intense chamber music coaching this morning as well as a rehearsal later… and tonight is our dress rehearsal for a big concert next week!  Whew!  All in all, this has been a wonderful day so far!  And I had to make sure when I got ready early in the morning that I wore something that could take me through the whole day!  Here it is!

Wrapunzel Andrea Grinberg Pashmina Stripe Scarves Outift Teal Brown

My tichel is a lovely warm combination of turquoise, white and brown… yum!

My outfit had to be nice enough to do a tichel show, comfortable enough to clean the house for pesach, practical enough to walk through some muddy bits to get to rehearsal, with a wide enough skirt to play the cello!  I’m so happy with the results!


Wrapunzel Andrea Grinberg Pashmina Stripe Scarves Outift Teal Brown

And of course, the clothes are meaningless unless they reveal your inner essence, which I really feel like these clothes do today.  I am so thankful today to know each and every one of you!  Wishing you a gorgeous, productive, and meaningful week!

Wrapunzel Andrea Grinberg Pashmina Stripe Scarves Outift Teal Brown

Love, Andrea


26 thoughts on “It’s a BEAUTIFUL Day!

  1. Adina

    Good morning Andrea,

    I am soooo confused by this whole Wrapunzel thing. I have been following ur blog for months now. I have been waiting for like ever to attend a live presentation and never hear abt it until afterwards. I approached RM to ask her if I could have a hands on tutorial and she said that she had no time and I should watch the videos on the site, which I have. I know myself and I will not start purchasing a/th until I feel I know what I’m doing. Then I get ur email abt how there was a Wrap party this morning I knew nothing abt. All I heard was that there was an online sale happening today. I don’t know how ‘exclusive’ ur Wrap world is but I’m def feeling left out. Esp since it’s all happening in my backyard. Is there something I’m missing? Pls share if u can. Thx so much. Adina M.

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    1. Hi love! We’re sorry we missed you! I’m not sure what to say… any suggestion on how we could let people know in a better way? We have had this event posted all over facebook (I’m assuming you’re not on facebook?), and paid someone to put posters in every shul. Please advise! We sadly cannot call everyone and let them know, as much as we would love to. Maybe a mass text? Even then that would be hard to organize with my lack of a smartphone…


      1. Leah

        Andrea, do you have a mailing list for people not on Facebook? I thought I saw a sign up sheet for it at the sale this morning, but I might have been confusing it with something else.


          1. Deborah

            I am new(ish) to wrapping and find the only way I am learning is by doing….yes, I watch the videos, but your hands just need to learn how to tie by doing it. You can find inexpensive scarves locally, either at season’s end clearance sales in stores (I adore Target’s scarves) or even at thrift or consignment stores. Just don’t buy scarves that are slippery/silky or too big as they can be tricky to start off with. Good luck.


          2. Katharina

            Unfortunately, I already signed up for the newsletter but never received any news. Shall I sign up again? By the way, Andrea, you look wonderful! I adore the tichel and love your boots!!! Lots of love!


  2. Yarden

    Ummm OK I want all your clothes. =P
    Seriously though, I’ve noticed that a lot of photos of people displaying beautiful wraps wear pretty much just solids. I’ve noticed that I do it too because I feel like I can do whatever I want on my head if I just wear solids. But I have so many clothes with prints and I want to be able to wear awesome wraps with those too. I have figured something out for some outfits, but I feel like I can’t veer away from the same outfit-scarf-accessory combination. Maybe I just need more solid scarves and neutral accessories… thoughts?


  3. frumachava

    Andrea, you look so beautiful today! You know, I just learned today that you are 27!?! Oh my. I do feel so old. My oldest daughter is 26. Well, it is true then. The young will teach the old. I’ve learned so much from you.
    Thank you!


  4. Shoshana

    I am trying to get into your store, but the popup about your Passover sale won’t go away, and won’t let me into the store!! Help…?


  5. My dear, you just GLOW!

    BTW, you’re blog has gone quite viral. Lately, every time I leave the house, someone says to me “Have you heard of the blog called “Wrapunzel”?”

    My 10 year old daughter tells me that she hates the way I look in my sheitel (which I also really like), and only wants to see me in scarves. She’s your biggest fan!


  6. Andrea, you look totally amazing as always. I also want to mention what an inspiration you are to me. Because of you and Rivka Malka and all the beautiful women I’ve met through your site and FB, I’m able to continue this amazing journey. Thank you for being so transparent, beautiful and humble. ❤ ❤


  7. Heather

    you look lovely! I love the combo of turquoise and brown. I have a first assignment for my new job today and I’ll be wearing a black and white Israeli tichel with my soft pink Wrapunzel sari scarf!


  8. Joy! What a lovely young woman you are!
    And to understand your true beauty at such a young age! …if only I had known this when I was your age (lol) may G-d bless you and use your story to help inspire other young ladies to what true beauty is.


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