New Tutorial! Waterfall Twist 2.0

Here is how to do an amped up version of the Waterfall Twist!  This is one of my favourite wraps and the option of doing the “twist” part with two colours opens up a whole new world of possibilities!  Enjoy!

13 thoughts on “New Tutorial! Waterfall Twist 2.0

  1. Your ‘bodice’ area of your garment also inspires me to perhaps make a shift dress of some sort from my stash of floral fabrics!
    This morning at church I was greeted by one of the younger women with a ‘wow’ comment on my new look….of wearing your headwrap, with a scrunchie on the side by my ear…more confirmation on the wonderfulness of them!


  2. Rae

    Looks beautiful. For me though I think the end hanging down as well as the braid would be too much stuff hanging down. Not sure quite how I feel about that yet. No qualms about the pin however. It’s great! The nice thing about that waterfall twist with two colours is that the knot becomes almost like an accessory to the wrap. I have done waterfall twists a couple of times but somehow never got that the knot could be so far up. I always did it behind the ear. I will experiment with this way of knotting it higher though because it looks really nice.


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