First Try with Pearls!

This wrap inspired by a dear friend (you know who you are!) who has been wrapping for only a few short months and has quickly become a wrapping superstar!  (I’d love to feature her as a Lady Wrap Star!  Soon, hopefully!)  Her signature look is adding beautiful pearls to an already gorgeous wrap, and I’ve been searching for a nice pearl headband to try it with!  Finally found one!Gold green pearls wrapunzel andrea grinberg

I started off with a green pashmina, then added my favourite gold shimmery scarf (will I ever get tired of this tichel? I hope not!) – then topped it off with the beautiful pearls and green pin.  What do you think?

Sending love to you all!!


23 thoughts on “First Try with Pearls!

  1. Love this! Is that a true pedal headband (I.e., is it stretchy)? Or is that a necklace you are using as a headband (I.e., is it taut and, thus, fitted or a certain length to fit your covered hair)?


  2. frumachava

    Of course I love it. Never get tired of your gold scarf! I love it! I think we’ve all tried the pearls this week. You’re beautiful!


  3. Angela

    I think the pearls are a nice variation. I do love that gold scarf. I would love to find one like this and is silver too!


  4. wraptastica

    Paired with that outfit it makes it even more gorgeous! Pure elegance I’d say. I wore my golden sari today with a light peach tichel underneath & a peach colored flower pin paired with a peach /white with silver sequin sparkle top. I am surprised at how wrapping has force me to branch out into colors I wouldnt normaly wear. Green is my favorite color so you can’t go wrong with that. Try that green with a deep purple next time & you can have another whole new look. Amazing inspiration as always!


  5. Jodi Lindley

    Love the pearls bought some 2 day also a string of is so much fun,but not good for the the look.:)))


  6. A pearl headband is an awesome thing- I’ve done similar things using a necklace, mostly for going to weddings, but a headband would make it much easier. It looks great.


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