Wedding Wear! Mazal Tov!!

I went to a beautiful wedding yesterday; the daughter of an incredible family we are close with got married!  It truly was an occasion.  Of course I made sure to take some photos of outfit and tichel inspiration!  First I want to show you this dress that I got from… a lady on the Wrapunzel facebook page recommended it and I was very impressed!  (Nope, I’m not getting anything from them for making this post – just want to share the awesomeness!)  A lot of their dresses can be customized to all kinds of modesty standards, and they really value their individual customers – a truly special website!  I’m going to share this post with them to encourage more dresses that a customizable for different tzniut (modesty) standards, so everyone please leave a comment on this post telling them that this would be a good idea!!

Here is the dress!  (With the % discount they had featured and $25 first timers discount it came out to a whooping $30 with all the customization!)

And here is the inspirational Rivka Malka!  We are loving this dress she has… she got it in Israel.  We really want to just make it in every single colour… maybe in the future this dream will come true!  Both of our outfits were just made to move in, and if any of you have ever been to an orthodox Jewish wedding you’ll know that crazy dancing is essential!  We always make sure that our outfits and tichels can withstand lots of this!

And of course, some close ups of our tichels!  I’m wearing two “THE Shimmery” scarves – the gold one that you’ll all recognize from my collection that I’ve had for years, and a new navy one – they all WILL be available on the new store site!!  You can imagine how ecstatic I was when we found them for you!  And Rivka Malka is rocking the leopard print with a sparkly headband and sash!  Awesome!

What do you wear to weddings?  We want to hear from you!   And please also leave a comment here telling that we would love more modest dresses from them!

Love, Andrea

Post Shabbat Tichel Snap!

I’m wearing my favourite sari scarf again… I just can’t get enough of it!  Also super excited about this new sash (yes it’ll be available in the store) that just takes everything up a notch without any effort.  Notice how different the sari scarf looks when I’m wearing a thicker scarf underneath – more volume at the sides and back!  (Try comparing to this post.)  

Also notice the sparkly brown scarf underneath… another one of my all time favourites!
sari scarf andrea grinberg wrapunzel


Shavua tov everyone!!!  Looking forward to a beautiful week!  ❤

Lady Wrap Star Helen!

I’m so happy for you to meet our latest Lady Wrap Star, Helen!  She is just so awesome!  I actually don’t know her personally but after reading what she wrote and sharing in her head covering happiness I want to hop on the next bus to Manhattan and get to meet her!

Tichel Talk
Helen Shere

My name is Helen Shere, and I reside in Manhattan with my husband. I’m currently in my first year of a doctoral program in biomedical sciences. My concentration is in cancer biology; I spend half the day in class and the other half in lab, doing research.

I began covering my hair full-time the day after I married my best friend. It’s actually kind of funny—I hadn’t planned on covering full-time at all. I wasn’t raised Orthodox (I became a ba’alat teshuvah, a returnee to observant Judaism, in high school), and I always thought to myself, “Well, I went from doing nothing to keeping kosher and keeping Shabbat…I think HaShem (G-D) and I are doing pretty good here. I don’t really need to cover.” But, the first Sheva Bracha after our wedding was in a community in which the norm is for women to cover full-time, and I thought it would be appropriate to cover for that occasion out of respect for our hosts, who had gone to much trouble to make the event. So I bought a dress and a tichel to match it.

I remember getting ready to go to the Sheva Bracha and wrapping for the first time. As I wrapped, I remembered how I had heard from married friends that hair covering was a “hard” mitzvah (commandment). I waited for it to become “hard.” Looking back, I’m not sure what I expected to happen. I suppose that I was waiting for the “difficulty” of the mitzvah to suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks, but when I was done wrapping my tichel and looked in the mirror, I only saw myself…as a regal-looking woman who was publicly showing her connection to her husband and to HaShem. I’ve been covering every day since then, and have yet to find it burdensome.

I love wearing tichels! I cover with them nearly 100% of the time. I bought a sheitel (wig) after caving to the pressure of questions like, “But what will you wear to weddings?” but I’ve worn it less than 10 times in the eight months I’ve been married (and yes, I’ve worn tichels to weddings and gotten nothing but complements). I love playing with the colors and textures of scarves, and I appreciate the jolt of creativity it gives me in the morning when I pick out that day’s wrap.

On a practical note, working in a laboratory means that my hair has to be back in a ponytail or bun; tichels take care of that without looking dowdy. Also, before I was married, wearing my hair up/back was the norm for me, so I’m most comfortable with a head covering that allows me to wear my hair underneath it in a familiar style.

I’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback from my class- and lab-mates about my hair covering. I often give impromptu tutorials in the bathroom after class to classmates who are curious about how I wrapped that day’s tichel. Fun fact: I figured out which wrap styles and colors look best on me because one of the cashiers in my school’s cafeteria has made it her unofficial job to point them out to me! She’ll tell me, “That one I like. The one yesterday, not so much. You should wear more pink. ” She’s hilarious!

All Photography credit goes to: Rachel A. Minkoff!

Black… Pretied?!

I just had to share my pre-tied look.  Black.  Chains.  Pirate?!  Ladies… this is a rarity!  Nothing against pretieds… I just don’t wear them!  Today while taking photos of the store’s new products (launches on Wednesday… ahhh!) I slipped on this old pretied and found myself wearing it for the rest of the day!  It actually looks pretty cool paired with the hoop earrings, don’t you think?  And it’s black (still can’t wrap my head around that)!  Who woulda thunk it?

Shabbat Elegance ~

I have been wearing versions of this wrap with this dress for months, and never got to snap a photo until now!  Isn’t it amazing what a pin can do to the ends of a scarf?  Loving this new trick!  (I’m wearing a silk square scarf, a long burgundy sash, and a flower pin.)

andrea grinberg wrapunzel blog
And the dress?  Of course it’s vintage and covers everything that I want covered!  It was such a happy moment to find this beautiful creation, and I love wearing it!  It’s flattering, flowy, feminine, colourful, and just makes me very grateful to be alive!  Do you have anything in your wardrobe that helps bring out this part of you?  Would love to hear about it!

Love, Andrea

Oooo New Trick!!

It’s always so exciting when you learn a new trick!  Someone posted this awesome rosette trick on facebook recently and I just had to try it!  This is my first time… so need to try it with other materials but am excited to make a tutorial sometime soon!   It’s done from a simple square scarf, and can also be used as a sash!  Neat!

andrea grinberg wrapunzel