Black… Pretied?!

I just had to share my pre-tied look.  Black.  Chains.  Pirate?!  Ladies… this is a rarity!  Nothing against pretieds… I just don’t wear them!  Today while taking photos of the store’s new products (launches on Wednesday… ahhh!) I slipped on this old pretied and found myself wearing it for the rest of the day!  It actually looks pretty cool paired with the hoop earrings, don’t you think?  And it’s black (still can’t wrap my head around that)!  Who woulda thunk it?

12 thoughts on “Black… Pretied?!

  1. Hadassah

    I remember in one of your vids you said that black near your face made you look “washed out”, but actually this looks pretty nice! 🙂


  2. Chanah

    It looks good. There is nothing wrong with the occasional black, and this has a pattern. In addition, having at least a few hair coverings you can just pop on your head in two seconds is very useful.


  3. Cute! I don’t wear pre-tieds all the time but they have their uses. I have yet to make it sit right on my head, but it looks great on you!


  4. Nancy Bryant

    It does look very nice. This last week weekend I tried wrapping my hair in this way. The fabric I had to use is black. Saturday I wore it over top of a leopard spot covering. Then yesterday I wore it as the base with a blue as a ribbon over the top. Both turned out lovely.


  5. Naomi

    I think it is very fun and so cute! I don’t own any pre-tied scarfs yet, but this makes me want to look into getting one. 🙂


  6. Deborah

    There comes a time to every woman when she is hospitalized and perhaps too ill for anything else but a pre-tied scarf. Not as glamorous but just as modest.


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