Do the Criss-cross!

I often get asked, “Do you ever get bored?  Do you ever run out of new ways to tie your scarves?”  The answer is, gratefully, “nope!”  Even if I  owned 10 scarves (believe me, I have quite a few more than that!), there would still be an infinite amount of tying options.

So here is a new style that I came up with yesterday!  It is surprisingly easy.  Who wants a tutorial?

IMG_4812 IMG_4814

And here is another variation on the criss-cross that I have tried, with only one scarf:

36 thoughts on “Do the Criss-cross!

  1. Linda

    Wow, Andrea, looks marvelous!!! A tutorial would be very welcome…I don’t think I can figure this out by myself 😉 The colours look great on you!!


  2. Looks really exciting- I’ve tried for similar ideas, but nothing has worked out yet. I’m excited to see how this works. It has a really nice modern-art vibe.


  3. Eliana

    This looks really nice. I love the fact that it’s up off your neck. I’ll have to try this one myself, because Texas is too hot sometimes.


  4. Rivka

    How did you DO that???

    By the way, is it possible to have a thumbnail gallery of the different styles you’ve done with links to their tutorial? So we could go, “oh! That’s def the look I want today, let’s see how it’s done!”

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  5. Viktoriya

    I love your tutorials!!! Just 3 months wearing these covers.Very comfortable,beautiful,easy,and perfect for women.Please new tutorial for us!!


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