Medieval Princess

A high bun and long, flowing scarves are the keys to achieving a medieval princess wrap.  This is the perfect wrap for those too-large scarves that sometimes feel a bit cumbersome to work with!

wrapunzel andrea grinberg tichel

Notice how adding a black shirt changes the look completely!  (It was chilly with the AC inside.)

wrapunzel andrea grinberg tichel

From the back:

wrapunzel andrea grinberg tichel

And from the other side:

wrapunzel andrea grinberg tichel

8 thoughts on “Medieval Princess

  1. Kari

    It is truly beautiful and I would also love a video, I was raised Catholic and Methodist, but had steered away until my husband brought me back to the path of god. He watches pastor Dowell on youtube and( I at the time had been researching ways to deal with my long hair), he had a video on why women wrap their hair and so I researched a little and ran into your blog and you inspired me to dig a little deeper than the preconceived notions I was raised with and now when I do wrap my hair (not everyday) I come here your wraps are beautiful and I love your video’s and the information you give. I also used to have my own cloth diaper business which I’ve put on hold to finish school but can sew and do make my own headbands that you use they’re just like the wigrip, so if anyone wants information on that I can give you that to pass along:) Thank you for your wonderful video’s and sharing your journey with us. You reached even me out here in “left field” lol.


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