4 thoughts on “Twist twist twist!

  1. jean selman

    Hello, I was wondering if you could give a tutorial on how to tie a reg pashmina shawl. I bought about 40 of them a fews years back and now that I have started to cover…I would like to wear them with my home made dresses…they are about 72 inches long…they only wrap around the head twice…but not enough to tie afterwards…..is there a cutsey way of tieing these….jean


  2. jean selman

    and ps..( you are a great help for us beginners)…………..this green shawl you have on here, is there a volumeizer under it to give all that bulge in the back…the bulge seems to aid in the “staying on”..I seem not to be able to wear the one with the poofie crown without poking my ponytail into my brains…..and…..could you tell me how I can wear the underscarf so my head doesn’t ache and the thing doesn’t slide off so easy….jean


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