Casual Scarf Made Formal

This scarf is one of the first tichels that I purchased.  I love its versatility, but had never worn it in a formal setting.  I decided to try it out!  Who knew that with a little extra height and a sparkly pin, this scarf could be just as fancy as the rest of ’em!  The elastic in the scarf kept everything put for the whole night, and the pin held everything together with a little extra security.  I will definitely be trying this one again!

14 thoughts on “Casual Scarf Made Formal

  1. Eliana

    Have you thought of hosting a scarf exchange? I’m not 100% sure how you would do it, but say you offer to let all your readers submit a photo of one scarf they are willing to exchange, then people can comment on which they like to swap out with. Or everyone who wished to participate could exchange contact information with another reader, each person provide something about themselves and what they look for in their scarves, and then their “partner” surprises them with a scarf they think the other might like. It would have to be based upon good character that no one would cheat another person out of the exchange, but it could be fun. I really was so thankful to receive the scarf from Judith de Paris, I thought this might be something everyone could enjoy. Maybe the plan needs a little grooming, but I still think it might prove to be fun. Maybe some of your other readers can contribute ideas on how this could work; have everyone brainstorm a bit. If someone can’t afford mailing a scarf, they could at least use the idea and host a scarf exchange on a local level with the ladies from their shul/in their community at large. Sometimes all it takes to breath new life into an old scarf is to be viewed by new eyes.


  2. Rachel

    This is a fantastic idea! There are only a few women who cover in my community so I love this idea of fellowship as well. Maybe we can start a general inquiry to see how many ladies would be interested in doing this. I can’t imagine postage would be terribly expensive because scarves are pretty light. I’d be happy to play “matchmaker” with all the ladies who are interested. Andrea, maybe you could do a post about the exchange. In the comments everyone who is interested can just put their name and one fun fact in the comments section. Like: “My name is Rachel and all my scarves tend to be blue. Please help me get some new color in my wardrobe!” If everyone just submits their name/fact by a certain date then I can play matchmaker and pair ladies together for the exchange. I can post the pairings for you in the comments section. Then, the ladies can reach out via Facebook messages to their partner to exchange addresses. That way, we’re not posting personal info on the Web for the entire world to see. We could make a “promise” to each other to send the scarves by a certain date. One fun thing to do would be to post before/after photos of the scarf. Like, how the owner would wear it and then an “after” on how the new owner would wear it. People can take the photo from the back view if they don’t want their face on the Web. Sorry, this is so long…just excited about this blessing!


  3. Rachel

    Eliana, want to do a “test run” between the two of us and then we can give people an idea of the cost of postage, how it worked, etc? Love, love, love your great idea!


    1. Joy

      What a great idea! Better than a cookie exchange and much kinder to the waistline. Sounds like a great way to encourage a sense of community. I know a very small number of women who cover. I receive most of my ideas online. ~


    2. Eliana

      I would love to! Sorry it has taken so long to respond; life happens sometime. Let me see…I tend to wear cotton or silk scarves most, and since I live in a very hot and humid climate I love my light weight scarves. I’m not particular about color at all, just trying to keep things breath-easy works best for me. What about yourself? Also, I will search for you on facebook as well. Yeah! I’m thrilled! I hope this works out for everyone!


    3. Eliana

      Okay, it was silly of me to say I would look for you on facebook. I don’t know who you are. I’m a little ahead of myself, or behind, depending upon which way you look at the clock.


  4. Andrea, this photo put a smile on my face. On Friday I bought a very similar scarf (green, not blue) and was not sure how to tie it. Today I thought: o.k., let’s have a look at Andrea`s blog for inspiration – and here is my inspiration. Thank you.


  5. This looks awesome! I really some more pins so I can do more stuff like this.
    Also, I love the idea of a scarf swap. I know I’m not around much, but I promise I do read all your posts.


  6. Paulina

    It turned out great. The colour makes my somewhat dull hazel eyes appear green, and I like that. The fabric is a bit slippery, so I have to wear a hair band underneath. I might even try it with a sparkly green brooch my mom gave me years ago and which I never wore (sorry, Mom!) on a more formal occasion.


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