Too Much Volume: Is There Such a Thing?

My dear friend, Judith, from Judith de Paris, sent me a volumizer to try out and give my feedback.  It is a long, stuffed, velvet tube, that you wrap around your bun like a snake.  I was quite intrigued, and the results were certainly interesting!  The snake didn’t create that uniform, round volumizer look that I’m used to, and it created a LOT of volume!  For me, it almost felt like too much, but I’m sure it’s a look that I will want once in a while.  The snake also took a while to wrap, which was more time-consuming and requiring or wrapping skills than the regular volumizer that you just slip on.

The first time I wore it was over Shabbat day.  These photos were taken late in the evening, and the wrap stayed put for the whole day!  I found this surprising because it really looked like there was a lot of weight at the back of my head, but it did not budge!  I even took a two hour nap during the day!  I wore the snake with my bun a little lower than usual, so the volume was lower down.  What do you think?


The second time I wore it was yesterday, and I wore my bun a little higher.  I really liked the effect that was created, but again, it was much more volume than I am used to.  Do you think there is such a thing as too much volume?  Do you have any suggestions for ways to wear such a large volumizer?  Share your thoughts in the comments section!

19 thoughts on “Too Much Volume: Is There Such a Thing?

  1. Vicki Hassessian

    HI Andrea,

    In my humble opinion, I prefer the pictures of you with less volume. When I saw these pictures of you with the larger volume, I was reminded of the beautiful women of Africa who wear the larger coverings. With your delicate and finely chiseled face, the smaller volume suits you much better. Again, this is only my opinion. Whatever you wear, you are beautiful!



  2. Cynthia Doniger

    While you can pull it off (you look lovely)——it would be too much for me. I think it is a very individual thing. I would welcome a velvet “donut” in a medium and large from Judith de Paris….but for me the snake wouldn’t work.


  3. I was always enamored by the look of African women with towering wraps on their heads (think: Eryka Badu) I think it’s gorgeous, and feminine. But personally? I would not have the guts!


  4. Eliana

    It looks like an alien creature will pop out of your head at any moment. Needless to say, I am not a fan of the look at all.


  5. I too prefer you with less volume. (In fact, I really like the looks with no extra volume at all, but I’m a plain jane.)

    I love the big-volume look on African women because it always seems possible that the volume is real–but when I see women with your complexion, it is clear that really huge buns just don’t fit with the kind of hair you almost certainly have! Using a volumizer to make it appear you have really long hair is one thing. Using so much volume that it is clearly fake is different.

    Honestly, you are so beautiful in everything you wear that you’ve made me question some of my quick thoughts about this issue–but I think I still believe real or believable is preferable to clearly not real.


  6. for me such a huge volumizer would have to be for a super special occasion… wedding or something similar, something formal, my kids confirmations or something. I could never pull that off day to day! but I think it would be a fun addition for special times…but I always wear at least a small hair donut deal, usually I prefer the larger donut but since I recent trimmed my hair I have been wearing the smaller version everyday (i am trying to help my hair along in the growing process, it was in bad shape from the time I wasn’t covering) but I wear them not just for the volume but because it adds a nice uniform shape under my scarves, so I don’t think the snake would work for me, if it doesn’t create a uniform volume…but you seem to be able to easily pull it off! it looks awesome on you, VERY regal 🙂


  7. I really enjoy your posts but you asked, so I’ll respond: I really don’t want to offend, but rather inspire…I think there’s something in the idea of modesty that implies a middle-ground, or even more so, a refinement, an expression of “my beauty is – enough. Not more than, but not less than. Enough.” What’s hidden is blessed. And so i think the effect of the mitzvah of tzniut might be lacking in the bigger volumizer. It says in Yeshayahu 3:16 -25 which I got from the Ben Ish Hai’s Laws for Women, ” Because the daughters of Tzion are haughty, and walk with outstretched necks and ogling eyes…” I won’t go into the rest, but the point is the larger the back of the headcover, the more prominent the head and longer the neck will look and I think that might not be in the spirit of tznius. As my dad always says, “Better err on the side of caution.”


  8. It is a Lot of volume. I think it could be interesting and useful on occasion, especially when you’re interested in being very dramatic, or attempting something very sculptural. But it’s a bit much for regular wear.


  9. Jeanne

    You’re beautiful in both… I think it suits the woman who has a dramatic personality, and I also think it would be great for someone who wants to convey stateliness and authority, such as an older lady.

    I don’t see anything immodest about it. I respectfully beg to differ with the opinion that modesty has to do with hiding away or with downplaying one’s assets. The look does not inherently strike me as showy or gaudy. I think it would require a certain personality of the user to make it so.


  10. Ale Kiguelman

    that red scarf look is GORGEOUS. it is A LOT of volume, but you look incredibly ROYAL in those pictures! i feel this is a great thing to have when you need it. i feel if i’m just wearing one simple scarf that isn’t too long, i need some extra UMPH. the snake is great to have in your back pocket for that! love it.


  11. mom2one

    I feel you could pull it off if you covered more of your forehead, bringing it more forward balancing the heavy appearance of the look.


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