Ticheled Tamar!

I “met” Tamar over the summer when a friend of mine commented on a photo of hers and it showed up on my facebook feed.  Besides the fact that it’s a bit creepy how facebook seems to know me, I am very glad that this meeting happened!  The name of her album was so wonderful that I just had to add her as a friend.  The album was entitled “Tichels Are Cool” and was filled with various photos of her showing her experimentations and gorgeous wraps… definitely meant to be.  Here she is as this week’s Lady Wrap Star!
wrapunzel wrap star tamar
Hi Tamar, can you tell us a bit about yourself?  (ie where do you live, what do you like to do, family, interests, etc.)
My name’s Tamar Goldschmidt and I live in the heart of Jerusalem, the grooviest place in the world! I moved here almost 3 years ago, met my husband and now have an amazing little baby boy, Shlomo Nachman B”H…I’m currently studying to be a doula and besides my typical hobbies, including writing, art, reading, analyzing poetry, being a mommy and an orthodox jew with the funk etc – I continuously try to discover new tichel ideas! As a married Jewish woman, it is our job to officially rock!
Where did you learn how to wrap scarves?
I taught myself at around 12 or 13 when I began collecting them. I always knew I was going to cover my hair. I felt so connected to the idea of making something so normal so spiritual and special in a marriage. And since growing up, my dream occupation was to be a wife and mother (with a few novels up my sleeve as well) the idea of covering my hair was something i could identify with.
How long have you been covering?
Well I’ve been covering my hair  “full time” since I got married in 2011…
What tichel wrapping advice/secrets do you have to share with us?
Two words that are so essential they have to be typed in caps: TICHEL BAND…You can get your beauty sleep while wearing the craziest and heaviest tichel ever and it wont move an inch off your head! You can find it in any tichel shop!
Are there any specific ideas that you would like to share about what you have learned about covering based on your face shape, colouring, style, etc.?
If you have short hair: FEAR NOT! There are so many ways to get the looks you want. Everything from voluminazers to socks. This too, requires experimentation. Whatever feels more comfortable! I find that one tichel is never enough though…because it’s not. Go crazy 🙂
Do you have a favourite style of wrapping?
I take pride in my princess-do…and my beehive-do…In short, it’s difficult to choose. I guess it depends what I’m feeling that day.
Most vivid tichel wearing memory?
I remember when I discovered that I could do my princess-do with literally ANY tichel…not just the triangular ones. This was life changing for me!  [Anyone else itching to get her to do a tutorial?]
What do you love most about covering your hair?
I LOVE walking down the street, passing other married women and seeing different styles of tichel wrapping. There was a few times where someone’s tichel caught my eye and they were thinking the same thing about mine…I can’t tell you how many times tichels have been number one conversation starters.
What are you grateful for right now?
I’m grateful for having been given the opportunity to be featured on Wrapunzel!

17 thoughts on “Ticheled Tamar!

  1. I really loved this lady wrapstar interview ! Tamar seems very cool and totally in love with tichels :). I’d love her to make a tutorial about the princess do tichel and the beehive do tichel so please Andrea this summer track her down 🙂


  2. Eszter

    Nice post! Do you know any webshop that sells that “TICHEL BAND”? I really want to have one just in Hungary there is no such a store. 😦


  3. She reminds me of someone I know…
    And if she weren’t studying to be a doula, I would think that I DO know her.
    Maybe I still do?

    Andrea – We have a camera that does videos (not professional, though, just a plain camera) and I live in Jerusalem. If you want, I can do it…


  4. Judy Winegard

    I absolutely LOVE this interview. Tamar is a young woman that I had the privilege of having in my life before she moved to Eretz Yisrael. She is beautiful inside and out and I am blown away by her love of Torah and life. Kol Hakavod for having her spotlighted and YES, we need videos of how she puts all those wraps around her brilliant head!


  5. LeeAnn

    Yes please! Would love to see her tutorial on her favorite tichel styles. I really like the first one that Tamar is wearing.


  6. Rya Ben-Shir

    Andrea, you chose well when you chose Tamar as this week’s “Wrap Star”. I first noticed Tamar and her husband as standouts at my daughter’s wedding – other than the beautiful bride and groom, of course! They clearly had a style all their own and it was amazing. I remember thinking that Tamar’s tichel made her look like a queen, unlike many other hair coverings. It was so different, big, beautiful, crowning and it draped over her shoulder. It and she were amazingly elegant! Tamar has been very generous is sharing her amazing skills with her friends, who, in addition to Tamar are followers of your blog!


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  8. Do you think you could ask Tamar to film herself demonstrating the Beehive and Princess do’s? I would love to see it. Or would you show us how? Thank you.


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