Surprise yourself!

Yellow.  The colour that I long refused to wear.

I claimed that since it matched with my hair, I couldn’t pull it off because I would be “all one colour”.  Somehow, when I started covering my hair, I neglected to realize that since my hair colour would no longer be showing, this logic no longer applied.  Since covering my hair, I had always avoided yellow scarves and ran towards my favourite blues and greens.

Well, of course this logic was flawed, because my own “yellow” hair was no longer showing!  Therefore I would not be all one colour if I wore it.

andrea grinberg wrapunzel yellow

Thanks to my mistakenly holding this scarf up to my face in a store (I was reaching for the blue), I have realized that yellows and golds are probably some the most beautiful colours for me to wrap over my hair!  I especially like this scarf because it is so big and soft… quite comfortable!  And of course, my “tichel tiara” made it look even more elegant.  I think this is one of my new favourites!

Lesson learned;  Surprise yourself!  🙂

20 thoughts on “Surprise yourself!

  1. LeeAnn

    I really like this color on you also. Obviously some shades of any color may not look well on a person based upon their skin tone, however this particular color is very flattering.

    The tiara is wonderful also. I think we should see if Batsheva will go back into business.


  2. I have a question if you don’t mind. You can answer here or in another post.

    How do you keep your skin where the wraps touch from breaking out (especially in the summer)? I know when I wear a headband for running it rubs and makes my skin irritated. Do you find wraps make your skin more or less sensitive (where it touches)?


    1. I will answer this briefly here but you’re right, I should make a post about it.
      I wear the velvet headband underneath all of my wraps. I actually wear it not too far forward (probably about a centimeter of hair showing in the front). Then, I wrap my scarves over the headband, overlapping it so it covers all of my hair. Because of the velvet headband, I don’t have to tie my scarves too tight, and because the headband is over my hair, it doesn’t cause breakouts. Also, make sure your scarves are made of a breathable material. I hope this helps! Let me know how it goes and we can try to figure out a better solution if need be.


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