The Classic Layered Regal Wrap

This wrap is such a classic… and always gets a lot of “wow”s and questions.  It’s easy!  You can be a little less careful with it (ie leave scarf fringe hanging out, don’t line up layers perfectly) and it still looks put together.  This one is exactly the same wrap that I show in this video, except minus one scarf.

Hope you are all doing well!  Happy wrapping 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Classic Layered Regal Wrap

  1. wanderingarcher

    I just found your site yesterday and am finally glad I have all those annoying tichels in my drawer. I never knew quite what to do with them and now I am having lots of fun! Up to now I’ve used a very simple kerchief covering, but it’s not very flattering. So glad to find all these new ideas! Thanks so much!


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