Design-Your-Own Kit Challenge!

Quite a few of our Sweet Wrapunzelistas rose to this special occasion to “Design-Your-Own Kit!” You wove textures and colors and glitter and shine together into amazing groupings that could be worn in so many different ways. Basically, you all ACED it! Meira even took the opportunity to go through her wardrobe for her favorite colors and designed a kit for each hue! Wrappers, you’re all simply amazing!

Take a look at this amazing Kit designed by Sarah! She started with the butterfly Pashmina from our Freefalling Kit and went from there – adding an Eggplant Petalsoft Scarf, a complementary Striped Delights Scarf, and an (exclusive to the Winter Carnival Kit) Pumpkin Shiny-licious Scarf, along with a cute little heart pin! She wrapped them all up in a bunch of different ways. Sarah, you look fantastic!

Here’s a dramatic look by our Wrapunzelista Stephanie. Her Winter Queen Kit is big, bold and (Brown Mini) Bobo’ed! Starting with a Red Cranberry Scarf, and a Dark Olive Golden Israeli and adding gold and clear stoned starburst pin, Stephanie, you’re simply striking!

Next come two incredible Kit looks from Nikki! The first combines an exclusive Yellow Sparkle-licious and a Royal Blue Petalsoft. She then adds in a Dark Blue New York Brights Scarf for added options and tops them all off with a clear and blue pin on silver for added punch. And for added fun, Nikki throws in a Bright Rainbow Road Scarf to add some more possibilities. Nikki, you ROCK!

Here Nikki does it again! What she picked for this Kit was a Dark Brown and Cream Cranberry, a Black/Gold Shimmery, an exclusive Champagne Shiny-licious from the Freefalling Kit, an Amazing Lace also in Champagne and to top it all off, the Pyrotechnics Pin in Amber. Nikki, you’ve done it again!

Sweet Sarah starts her Kit with a Blue/Orange Leaves them Guessing Scarf. She then added an Exotic Spice Sparkle-licious, an Israeli tichel in Royal Blue (Gold Threads) and a Sari Sash in Green, as well as an Infinity Clasp in Gold. Wowee, Sarah – you look smashing!

And Meira, you never cease to amaze us with your dedication to our Wrapunzel Community and the Wrap Challenges! You came up with such a bunch of incredible scarf medleys!

For this first one – Green and Blue – containing Navy and Olive Tuff 2-n-1s Scarves and an Olive New York Brights Scarf. Simply awesome!

Then a Light Blues Kit. Playing so beautifully together are a Turquoise/Green/Orange Watercolor 2-in-1s, an Aqua Tuff 2-n-1s, and a Teal New York Brights Scarf. Perfection!

Next, Meira combines a Maroon New York Brights, a Purple Tuff 2 in 1s and a Teal/Burgundy/Blue Watercolor 2 in 1s. Delightful!

Here’s the Meira Kit in Brown. A Watercolor 2-n-1s plus dark brown Tuff 2-n-1s and a Brown with Color New York Brights. Subdued and sassy at the same time!

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Meira’s Dark Green Kit. How could she not do a kit with her favorite greens?

Here Meira mingles Olive & Teal Tuff 2-n-1s plus an Olive New York Brights Scarf.

Here’s Meira’s Dark Blue Kit- Teal & Navy Tuff 2 in 1s plus an ‘oldie but goodie’ Bohemian Dreams Scarf. Wowza!

Meira’s Red Kit – Dark Red and Wine Tuff 2 in 1s plus a dark Red Sari. Meira’s on FIRE!

And last but not least – since it’s her favorite color (Green) – here’s Meira’s Light Green Kit. A Green Miami Samba Scarf, Lime Original 2 in 1s and Lime New York Brights. Whew – how DOES she do it? 🙂

So tell us; what do you think?

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