#MultipleScarves Challenge!

Wow, AMAZING Wrapunzelistas! You really came out in droves for this challenge! It’s so nice to see all of you wrapping away with more than one scarf. Whether to show off two of your finds at once, to contrast textures or colors or to match colors with an outfit you really brought it. And such a variety of wrap styles too! We posed the challenge and you delivered….INCREDIBLY! Check you all out in these pictures…absolutely STUNNING!

Professional/Workplace Wraps

Hi Wrapunzelistas! So, with inflation on the rise and the ongoing quest for the Almighty Dollar, most of us head wrappers find ourselves in the workplace for one third of our day! I would like to take this opportunity to talk about all of the successes, mysteries and yes, sometimes awkwardness of head covering in the workplace. Not all of us are blessed with working at Wrapunzel Headquarters, where we cover our heads regularly and happily, and always earn a compliment or two in the process! After all, it’s what we DO! But out in the ‘real’ world, many of us struggle each morning with what to wear on our heads with a work uniform or as part of a work dress ensemble. Does your workplace have uniform requirements that may warrant certain types of head coverings? How do your coworkers react to your headwraps? How do you feel when covering on the job? This article is meant to answer these questions and more, and to flush out many possible workplace situations, making covering at work less daunting of a task.

In a recent post on the Wrapunzel Community Group Page, we gathered a lot of information from women who head wrap on the job. Interestingly, most were nurses – one of the careers where those involved inherently cover due to the requirements and germ-conscious environment of the healthcare field. Historically wearing nurse hats and nowadays wearing workplace-issued scrub covers and elasticized ‘caps’ to contain their hair, most of the women who posted their experiences spoke of wearing headscarves and the amazingly uplifting effect that head wrapping has had on the doctors, fellow nurses and even patients that they encounter on a regular basis. Always making sure to wrap neatly with a No-Slip Headband or Shaper with a grippy velvet band and in a contained fashion – no tails here – these wrappers reported only positive reactions from those with whom they worked. Some of them even mentioned choosing their headwraps daily based upon what they felt would make patients smile and feel brighter.

Everyone wants to, ultimately, feel their best and most confident during their work day. Choosing colors or patterns that ‘represent’ ones personality is the goal. This helps us put our best foot forward – we feel great, those around us will feel great too. We feel productive and professional and so will our coworkers. Our clients will feel as if they are well cared for. We will exude an aura of strength and knowledge. We wind up being a positive example to ourselves and others.

Here is an indispensable video from our own Naomi Rose about Haircovering in the Professional World. Naomi Rose discusses a bunch of tips and tricks to help you feel rock solid and confident as you navigate wrapped job interviews and days on the job in different types of workplaces. And in this video, Andrea also gives some amazing suggestions on how to present yourself professionally while wearing a headwrap.

If you work in an office in Health or Legal, Administrative or Corporate professions, there is an unsaid ‘policy’ of how one should dress – and therefore cover their heads as well. It seems intuitive to wear neutral and subtle colors, to shy away from too much sparkle and to create a neat and subtle look that will put others at ease. Your entire being should make your coworkers and clients feel safe and well cared for.

Just imagine you’re headed out on an interview for your dream job. You recently started covering and you’re just not sure what to wear – on your head – to go along with your ‘power suit.’ First of all, most power suits will be made in a color that is from a softer, more neutral palette. Bold and bright colors that make you stand out are not necessarily a good choice here. Black, navy blue, shades of brown, grey, tan all can work well. You should strive to match your head covering to your suit, dress or outfit. It should homogenize with your entire look and not draw too much attention. A little bit of texture, sparkle or gentle color to complete the look (so that it won’t seem too uniform) will give you success. You will feel strong, self-assured and ready for the tasks at hand. You will feel “put together,” and this is the most important. A complete, complementary look that showcases you and not necessarily your outfit is what to shoot for. You’re going to be great!

And how should your headwrap be tied? It should be neat and clean, with simple lines. Not too many knots, twists or bows for this – something more plain and workplace appropriate. For example, if you’re working in a preschool setting, a wrap with tails isn’t a good choice when there are cute little hands on you all the time! Something smooth and all tucked in like a Regal Wrap or Fan Wrap is a perfect choice for any professional situation.

Here are some stories from members of our Wrapunzel Community about their wrapping at work. Melissa Laurel tells us “as far as my wraps, my boss is all for it. I’ve posted here before that he even says he likes when I wear sparkly ones. 😂 I wear pretty much whatever I want, whenever I want, however I want, in regards to how I cover my hair. I haven’t tried really big super turban wraps. I think that would probably be pushing it for a Front Desk position, but Regal Wraps, low buns, veils, Beginner’s Luck, and snood/beanie slouchy type hats have been perfectly fine. I wear a variety of prints and colors, and I try to coordinate that with the clothing I wear each day.” Again, the theme of coordinating your workplace wraps with your outfits. Seems the best way to go!

And Sarah Jo says, “I work in large financial services in their Compliance department where the dress code is dress professional, suits and ties, that kind if thing. I haven’t received any negative feedback, but I did get respectful questions when I started. My answer was always the same, “It’s a matter of self care for me.” When I started to wrap in the office, I tried to keep it somewhat simple and not do big wraps. Every once in a while I’ll do tails. Another compromise is using a false hair piece over a bun and doing half wraps. The more it became part of who I am, the less of an issue it was. It’s just part of how Sarah Jo presents herself to the world.”

So in summary of things, wrapping in the workplace is, for a good part, dictated by your type of work and the people you encounter on a daily basis. Presenting in a ‘put together’ way is foremost and will give you a confident, strong and secure outlook to face your day, leaving those around you less concerned about your wrap and most concerned about you and how you do your job. Have a great work day every day, Wrapunzelistas!

Design-Your-Own Kit Challenge!

Quite a few of our Sweet Wrapunzelistas rose to this special occasion to “Design-Your-Own Kit!” You wove textures and colors and glitter and shine together into amazing groupings that could be worn in so many different ways. Basically, you all ACED it! Meira even took the opportunity to go through her wardrobe for her favorite colors and designed a kit for each hue! Wrappers, you’re all simply amazing!

Take a look at this amazing Kit designed by Sarah! She started with the butterfly Pashmina from our Freefalling Kit and went from there – adding an Eggplant Petalsoft Scarf, a complementary Striped Delights Scarf, and an (exclusive to the Winter Carnival Kit) Pumpkin Shiny-licious Scarf, along with a cute little heart pin! She wrapped them all up in a bunch of different ways. Sarah, you look fantastic!

Here’s a dramatic look by our Wrapunzelista Stephanie. Her Winter Queen Kit is big, bold and (Brown Mini) Bobo’ed! Starting with a Red Cranberry Scarf, and a Dark Olive Golden Israeli and adding gold and clear stoned starburst pin, Stephanie, you’re simply striking!

Next come two incredible Kit looks from Nikki! The first combines an exclusive Yellow Sparkle-licious and a Royal Blue Petalsoft. She then adds in a Dark Blue New York Brights Scarf for added options and tops them all off with a clear and blue pin on silver for added punch. And for added fun, Nikki throws in a Bright Rainbow Road Scarf to add some more possibilities. Nikki, you ROCK!

Here Nikki does it again! What she picked for this Kit was a Dark Brown and Cream Cranberry, a Black/Gold Shimmery, an exclusive Champagne Shiny-licious from the Freefalling Kit, an Amazing Lace also in Champagne and to top it all off, the Pyrotechnics Pin in Amber. Nikki, you’ve done it again!

Sweet Sarah starts her Kit with a Blue/Orange Leaves them Guessing Scarf. She then added an Exotic Spice Sparkle-licious, an Israeli tichel in Royal Blue (Gold Threads) and a Sari Sash in Green, as well as an Infinity Clasp in Gold. Wowee, Sarah – you look smashing!

And Meira, you never cease to amaze us with your dedication to our Wrapunzel Community and the Wrap Challenges! You came up with such a bunch of incredible scarf medleys!

For this first one – Green and Blue – containing Navy and Olive Tuff 2-n-1s Scarves and an Olive New York Brights Scarf. Simply awesome!

Then a Light Blues Kit. Playing so beautifully together are a Turquoise/Green/Orange Watercolor 2-in-1s, an Aqua Tuff 2-n-1s, and a Teal New York Brights Scarf. Perfection!

Next, Meira combines a Maroon New York Brights, a Purple Tuff 2 in 1s and a Teal/Burgundy/Blue Watercolor 2 in 1s. Delightful!

Here’s the Meira Kit in Brown. A Watercolor 2-n-1s plus dark brown Tuff 2-n-1s and a Brown with Color New York Brights. Subdued and sassy at the same time!

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Meira’s Dark Green Kit. How could she not do a kit with her favorite greens?

Here Meira mingles Olive & Teal Tuff 2-n-1s plus an Olive New York Brights Scarf.

Here’s Meira’s Dark Blue Kit- Teal & Navy Tuff 2 in 1s plus an ‘oldie but goodie’ Bohemian Dreams Scarf. Wowza!

Meira’s Red Kit – Dark Red and Wine Tuff 2 in 1s plus a dark Red Sari. Meira’s on FIRE!

And last but not least – since it’s her favorite color (Green) – here’s Meira’s Light Green Kit. A Green Miami Samba Scarf, Lime Original 2 in 1s and Lime New York Brights. Whew – how DOES she do it? 🙂

#YummyFoodWraps Challenge

Food, glorious food! You buy it, you cook it and you eat it…and now you can WEAR it and not be ashamed of stains on your shirt! Instead, you can layer your head wraps in colors that emulate the delicious offerings on your tables! Spaghetti and sauce, Nachos and cheese, we’ve seen quite the menu of delectables! Here are just a few of the amazing ‘edible’ creations that you, our incredible Wrapunzelistas have whipped up! ALL WE CAN SAY IS…..YUM!

Hot Cocoa with Marshmallow!
Bubble Gum (or Cotton Candy)!
Chicken Soup!
Pepperoni Pizza!
Ketchup and Mustard!
Strawberry Tart with Blueberry Topping!
Nutella Toast!
Salmon Filet (Skin-On)!
Curried Cornish Pasty!
Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream Cone!
Banana Bread Slices!

10 Best Scarves for those with Sensory Processing Challenges

There are some Sweet Wrapunzelistas that suffer from sensory processing challenges. This means that they experience trouble making sense of or managing information that comes to their brain through the senses – sight, smell, touch, taste and sound. For example, a bright burst of light or a sudden blast of sound, an acrid smell or sharp taste, or even something like a child’s toy block getting underfoot may upset them greatly.

You may find yourself wondering, “Well, what does this have to do with scarves?” At Wrapunzel, we carry so many different types of scarves, each with their own sensory properties. While many are soft, others may have a rougher feel. While some are smooth, others may be more textured. Some may feel itchy or ‘tight’ to someone with sensory processing challenges, whereas one who doesn’t have these challenges will find it feeling much the same as others. The question is, which of Wrapunzel’s scarves are devoid of extra challenges for the sweet, sensory-challenged Wrapunzelista? Here we will help you discover 10 scarves that will sooth the senses with their sublime qualities.

  1. The Petalsoft Scarf – This supersoft, billowy and lightweight scarf came to mind for us faster than any other. It’s got a gauzy texture, with little ripples that ‘give’ to the touch (these ripples will not prove too stimulating). The Petalsoft Scarf comes in a wide variety of colors, including some ‘dustier’ shades that won’t prove overpowering in brightness. This scarf is solid-colored, very easy to wrap and has a gently frayed edge that doesn’t unfurl. Grab this one first – you’ll love it!
  2. The Soft Pashmina – This scarf’s name says it all. SOFT! Especially soft to the touch, this midweight scarf has an almost ‘brushed’ feel. It’s got a subtle stretch that hugs the head and wraps like a dream. Its solid-color ’embossed’ pattern lends it to so many styles and matching possibilities. Try this scarf – it will wow you!
  3. The Lakeshore Bliss Scarf – Yes, this scarf is blissful. A sister scarf to the Soft Pashmina, the midweight Lakeshore Bliss Scarf also has a pattern – this time in two colors – all through the scarf. The fabric is soft and malleable, gives your head a gentle hug and is very easily wrappable. The Lakeshore Bliss is a favorite among all wrappers and is one of our Wrapunzel ‘faves.’
  4. The Favorite T-Shirt and Extra-Long Favorite T-Shirt Scarf – The incredibly soft, lightweight jersey knit of these scarves furnish your sweet head with the gentlest of hugs. Available in two lengths, they’re just the right scarf for smoothness and ‘hand-feel.’ Easily wrappable and a standard to all that try them, these scarves reminiscent of your favorite t-shirt (that’s how they got their name) will quickly become your go-tos for almost any look.
  5. Wrapunzel Israeli Tichels (with Gold or Silver Threads) – Our 100% cotton, oversized Israeli Tichels are perhaps the coolest scarves Wrapunzel offers. The smooth, soft and lightweight cotton fabric is so comfortable on the head and allows maximum breathability for those sensitive to ‘head heat.’ Easily folded into a triangle and wrapped ‘bandana style,’ these scarves are simple in design, but greatly versatile in look.
  6. The Wrapunzel Melody Scarf – Seven strips of wonderful, silky-feel recycled and ultra-lightweight Sari fabrics join together without overlapping to bring you one soft scarf that’s cool to the touch. Don’t let the silkiness scare you – these beauties are easy to wrap and won’t slip from a No-Velcro No-Slip Headband or pull-on style Cloud9 Shaper. Their color ways can be a bit bold, so depending on what you receive in your order (each one is unique unto itself!), this scarf may be for the more daring sensory challenged wrapper. Be sure to add order notes if you have color or pattern preferences.
  7. The 2 in 1s Scarves (Original, Watercolor and Tuff) – These amazingly versatile, lightweigh scarves have a smooth texture and are easily tied. They have a great ‘color vocabulary,’ and you’ll be able to match one of them to almost anything you own. The Original 2 in 1s and Watercolor 2 in 1s have a silkier feel to them than does the Tuff. The Tuff’s more open weave gives it a very slight rougher feel than the other two.
  8. The Wrapunzel Signature Scarf – Our exclusive Wrapunzel Signature Scarf is a lightweight, extremely wrappable pashmina-style scarf. It is very smooth, soft feeling and midweight. The first of our rainbow colored sensory scarves, the Wrapunzel Signature Scarf has a complex ‘underwoven’ pattern and tassels. You choose the color Signature Scarf you want based upon the color of underwoven pattern you desire.
  9. The Rainbow Road Scarf – Another pashmina-style scarf with an extremely smooth feel is our Rainbow Road Scarf. Like the Wrapunzel Signature Scarf, it features overall rainbow colors and tassels. Its rainbow coloring has a darker colored underweaving which makes the colors pop even brighter.
  10. The Layers of Love Scarf – Our Layers of Love Scarf is a pashmina-style scarf with tassels and incredible softness. Its smooth feel makes it incredibly delicious to wrap. The Layers of Love Scarf has ‘levels’ of differing heart patterns and tassels as well. The ‘levels’ of patterns make for incredible pleating options – it takes on a different look each time you wear it.

#Thenandnowwraps Challenge!

Amazing Wrapunzelistas, you did it again! You gave us amazing photo examples of how your wrapping style (and expertise!) has developed over the years. You ‘graduated’ from simple wrap styles like “Beginner’s Luck” to more intricate creations containing zig zags and flowers. Oh how you grew! We loved seeing these transformations and we know that our blog-reading public will as well. Congratulations on your great wrapping achievements!

Look at Meira “Then,” and…

Look at Meira “Now!”

Look at Yael “Then,” and…

Look at Yael “Now!”

And look at the rest of your transformations….you all look A-MA-ZING!

Jessie Rubenstein, Making Meaning as a Lady Wrap Star

Shalom, y’all! My name is Jessie, and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. I’m blessed to work as a Jewish educator at a local synagogue as their Religious School Director. This is my passion- providing meaningful, engaging Jewish learning experiences to kids and their families. It is a LOT of work, but I absolutely love it. My wife and I have two amazing children- Helena, age 7 and Leon, age 3- who are a handful but the greatest joys of my life. 

I’m a huge nerd. When I’m not working or being with my family, I can often be found playing board and card games or playing Pathfinder (a Dungeons and Dragons-esque role playing game) with a group of dear friends. I enjoy cooking, and even after my long days, I will (most of the time) still try and make my family dinner. Watching them enjoy what I make makes me happy. I’m a prolific baker, especially challah. Perfecting my challah recipe was my big pandemic project and I am close!

I love science fiction and fantasy shows, especially Star Trek. My wife and I have a hard time agreeing on things to watch. In general, I am squeamish when it comes to action and horror, but for some reason we can agree on True Crime documentaries. I listen to lots of podcasts. My favorite right now is Torah Smash! which is an exploration of Torah and Jewish life through the lens of something nerdy or geeky. Right up my alley!

I started covering in December of 2020. My wife and I were going through a lot, and I needed something with me at all times to remind myself of the value of our relationship. I usually wore a kippah but was becoming less and less attuned to God. I found that when I covered, I could more deeply feel God’s presence. The weighty, physical reminder of God being in my life and a force that connects my family together really helped pull me from a dark place. 

At first, I was only covering at home. I am a proud Reform Jew and it is very uncommon in my community to cover. At the time, I was working at a pluralistic Jewish day school as a Jewish Studies teacher, and it felt appropriative in a way. Going to work started feeling more and more uncomfortable without my tichel; it had become integral to my connection to God and myself. 

Wrapping my tichel each morning is sometimes the highlight of my day. As a working mom, I have very little time and energy to reflect. Wrapping gives me that moment to do something just for me. I pray, I send healing thoughts to others, I contemplate my day; it’s purely for me. I also love being creative every morning and having this time for unique expression.

I discovered Wrapunzel because I asked a friend of mine in the Orthodox Jewish community where I should go to start. She called Wrapunzel the gold standard and boy was she right! 

My headwraps are inspired by so many things! My outfit, what I’ll be doing that day, a particular scarf, my mood… lots of things! I love the Wrapunzel online community because I’ll often see something and think that I need to try it, or something like it!

My tichel is often reflective of my mood. I’ve always been a creative person and I’ve found that, like my artwork, so much of my wrapping is dependent on mood. When I’m down, it’s usually a lot more simple. I do sometimes use my wrap as a way to boost myself when I am down. A sari is something I’ll often use for that because they are so beautiful and fun to play with!

I love colors, especially because I will wear lots of black or white or grey. Reds, purples, blues, and greens are my favorite color palette, specifically jewel tones of those. I love to add sparkle, texture, and pattern in ways that are unexpected.

My go-to style is a fan wrap, especially on a busy day. It’s quick and easy but looks beautiful. It can also be tied in a bunch of ways. I love an angled regal wrap as well, because it is so versatile and can be modified to do many things. 

I have a lot of favorite Wrapunzel scarves! For winter I love the Lakeshore Bliss, Signature Scarf, Cranberry Scarf, and pashminas. In summer, Arizona is brutally hot, and I’ll often wear a Petalsoft, New York Brights, Sari, or 2-in-1. I recently purchased a Can’t Catch Me, and it is quickly becoming a top favorite. My go-to shaper is a Wendy, but when I want to feel more regal, I’ll use a Bobo or the Uber.

Here’s my tichel philosophy – don’t be afraid to try new things and wear something that you may not be immediately drawn to! The worst thing that happens is you retie it later. Also, experiment a lot and try to get out of your comfort zone sometimes. Many of my favorite tichels I’ve done I discovered through trial and LOTS of error. 

When I started covering was the first time in my life that I’ve felt beautiful. I’ve struggled with my self esteem, but wearing a tichel I feel like a Queen. I look in the mirror and see who I truly am. My hair has always been a source of immense anxiety for me; I have polycystic ovary syndrome which has made my hair brutally thin and brittle which, combined with my hair being frizzy, always made me uncomfortable. Feeling like I am crowned with beauty has been life changing. I finally feel like me. 

When you’re just beginning to wrap, ask questions, look at tutorials, and above all else, make it your own. A wrap doesn’t have to be an “official” type of wrap with a tutorial on YouTube to be beautiful and feel like you. 

Always make your wrap journey a reflection of you. We all do this for different reasons and gain different meanings from it. Your journey is yours. 

Now and always, I am grateful for my family. Being with them is the greatest thing. My children, and the fact that they love each other so much. Rest! Chances to keep learning. Community.

#Beattheheatwraps Challenge!

It’s HOT outside, Sweet Wrapunzelistas! 🙂

We gave you the challenge to create wraps that keep you cool and comfortable during these steamy months – and you delivered! From half-wraps to veiled styles to shade from the sun, you had fun inventing all sorts of ways to beat the heat. Take a look at what you did…then grab a slushie and chill!

#Mayflowerswraps Challenge!

We love it when the seasons change. We leave the cold, dreary days of Winter behind us and they make way for the sunny, warmer and verdant times of Spring. Wrapunzelistas, you were truly in bloom with this challenge! In sync with the merry month of May, flowers, vines and all things green appeared on your wraps. Flower accessories and flower shapes too – all were YOU! Who doesn’t love a bunch or bouquet? 🙂

WrapBaby, it’s HOT Outside!

If you live in a region where hot weather is the norm, or in a region where heat approaches with a vengeance during the summer months, there are simply times when one does not want to have anything on their head. Alas, we steadfast wrappers persevere. Through intense heat, humidity, desert climates, we’ve always got ourselves covered! How, though, do we begin to examine the many, many ways that we can cool off a little during these extremely hot times?

Let’s start by making a list of all of the ways (we’ll discuss each one in more detail later) that we’ve come across in our Wrapunzel Community, and by speaking with Wrapunzelistas like YOU, who are always keeping cool. Some may seem quite obvious, others not so much. And by no means are we medical professionals – this is merely practical advice. Please seek the help of a medical professional whenever you experience any symptoms associated with (excess) heat exposure:

  1. Lighter weight/weave fabrics – switch out your heavy, thick winter pashminas for lighter, cooler fabrics that are more breathable. 100% cotton, silks, and even viscose are great choices. Wrap with only one thickness (ply) of fabric.
  2. Cold Pack – if you wear a larger style of shaper and have some room in the cap, try inserting a flexible cold pack on those steamy days.
  3. Shade/Screen – find respite from the scorch in the shade of a large umbrella or parasol. Or even find a nice leafy tree to rest under and refresh. Make sure to wear sunscreen to prevent sunburn at your hairline and nape of your neck!
  4. Dress Airy – trade in warmer clothing for breezy outfits preferably constructed of natural fabrics for breathability.
  5. Hydrate – Drink, drink, DRINK! This will cool and replenish your body.
  6. Lightly and Spicily – Eating lighter foods in extreme heat will help you feel cooler. And if you dare, try spicy foods – they make you perspire, which cools the body.
  7. Pay Attention – change your wrap to something lighter if you’re starting to feel overly hot.
  8. Abandon Shaper – try just a No-Slip Headband and/or volumizing scrunchie under your scarf.
  9. Unstuff / Restuff – try filling your shaper with a different type of stuffing that will allow for more air circulation and result in a cooler feel
  10. Shpritz – carry a small spray bottle with you filled with oil of peppermint and water. Keep this in the fridge when you’re not out. When it’s schmoiling outside, just shpritz your schvitz away (schvitz is Yiddish for sweat)!
  11. Raise the Bar – go a smidge higher above the nape of your neck with your first knot

OK, so here we go with a bit more detail!

  1. Lighter weight/weave fabrics. How simple is this? Like you change your clothes for the seasons, it’s time to change your scarves too. Warm, tighter weave scarves like pashminas take leave of your storage to make room for open and airy scarves and natural fabrics. Try a Wrapunzel 100% cotton Israeli Tichel, Petalsoft or Cornerstone Scarf for cool breathability. Also, strive for lighter colors that don’t absorb the sunlight in the way darker ones do.
  2. Cold Pack. This may seem ridiculous to some, but actually inserting a small flexible cold pack between your head and your shaper or in with your shaper’s stuffing can make you feel like you’re in the arctic tundra! Sounds silly, works wonders.
  3. Shade/Screen. This is important. Carry an ‘ultra compact’ large umbrella in your bag when you’re out on a hot day. It will create a barrier between you and Mr. Golden Sun, creating your own little cool climate bubble underneath. Also, you can try a veil-style wrap that drapes over the nape of your neck! And make sure to slather on the sunscreen, especially near your hairline and the nape of your neck to prevent dreaded “scarf lines!” Sunburns wreak havoc on body temperature….ain’t nobody got time for that!
  4. Dress Airy. Imagine a bright, sunny day and you, running across a flowery field in a parka and snowpants, NOT! Break out your coolest fashions as the weather heats. Think skirts and button down blouses in flowing styles. Stay light and loosey, goosey.
  5. Hydrate. Perhaps the most important on this list for your hot weather health. We lose so much water during the summer months that it’s paramount to replenish it – large quantities and often. Simply put, drink as much as you can and as often as you can. And the water’s temperature isn’t as important as you think. Drink whatever temperature water you can most easily ingest, and try electrolyte drinks for added hydration. And if you’re a coffee drinker, make sure to drink 2 cups of water for every 1 cup of coffee you drink, ounce for ounce. Coffee is a diuretic (it will make your body lose water!).
  6. Lightly and Spicily. Changing your diet in the blast of the heat will prove comforting and hydrating. Think salads and juicy fruits for dessert. All of those water-full vegetables and fruits will hydrate your body while not making you feel weighed down. And if you’re adventurous and can tolerate them, spicy foods are a great bet. Residents of hot climate countries such as Mexico and India have got this down pat. Strive for chili-peppery spices – the capsaicin in the peppers (ever heard of Scoville Units? look it up!) will heat up your body from the inside, making you perspire, activating nature’s own body-cooling method!
  7. Pay Attention. If you’re feeling any symptoms of overheating, change your wrap, or if you’re able, remove it altogether. Don’t wait. Don’t let things develop into a medical situation. Adjust your wrap, stop, sit, and see #5! Lather, Rinse, Repeat.
  8. Abandon Shaper. Shapers…you know they make your wraps, and you, look incredible. But the blasting heat of summer isn’t the time to be overly concerned with your look – it’s most important to be concerned with your health. Take OFF that shaper and opt for a Wrapunzel No-Slip Headband and/or Featherlight Scrunchie instead! If you’re too much of a shaper fan, you can try Wrapunzel’s Bobo Shaper this summer. It’s a long band of pouf that ties with fabric ties and is open in the back so you can catch a breeze!
  9. Unstuff/Restuff. Sometimes, there’s just too much polyester on your head and it’s stifling. Try taking the poly-fill stuffing out of your Wrapunzel Shaper through the intentional ‘hole’ in the cap and re-stuffing it with a more breathable, lighter media. We’ve heard of everything – lamb’s wool, nylon shower puffs and yes, even old pantyhose! Your results will be just as much loft at a lesser heat price!
  10. Shpritz. Yes. Put a small spray bottle of water with a few drops of peppermint essential oil into your fridge at night and grab it and go in the morning. Spraying your (close your eyes!) face with this concoction will cool and sooth you when it’s searing out!
  11. Raise the Bar. This is pretty self-explanatory. If you bring your first knot up in the back, you’ll have a bit more neck/skin exposed to the air. Just be sure to sunscreen because it will be exposed to the sun too!

#Springsurpriseswrap Challenge!

Change is good. Turn over a new leaf. Take a step out of your comfort zone. There are so many little sayings about the act of change. Change is an action, it’s movement. It’s putting a new view on life into place and leaving the past behind. Some find it fearsome, others find it fabulous. But no matter how you slice it, it’s something different. It’s leaving the present and stepping into the unknown future. Change is exciting and new and filled with wonder.

So take a looksie, Wrapunzelistas! We missed a lot of you on this challenge, but we certainly understand it was a busy time of year! Well, those of you below were able to take one wrap and make it into numerous changing looks – from the front, from the side…you all brought it! Here’s a glimpse of the many looks that transpired during this lovely season!

#Widesmilewrap Challenge

In memory of our dear Charlene Smith-Stewart, who was not only a fierce Wrapunzel advocate and community member, but also an administrator of the Community Group.

Sweet Wrapunzelistas, you really shined your light with this challenge. You turned those frowns upside down to memorialize Charlene Smith-Stewart in the way that best represented her true essence – JOY! Smiles, her favorite color of orange, all melded together in one big happy moment to reflect on the incredible impact that this special lady had on our Community. Take a look at all of your radiant faces and remember Charlene’s soulful self. We will miss her dearly.

Head Wrapping for Anxiety and other Mental Health Issues

Most of us have heard about someone having an ‘out of body’ experience. Well, quite a few head wrappers wrap for the reason of emotional regulation and lately we’ve heard it explained often that, most importantly, wrapping this way causes the phenomenon of an ‘in body’ experience – that wrapping the head draws ones thoughts and negative energies out of the head and into the body, where they may be dealt with in more healthful ways than by them manifesting in anxiety and other mental health issues.

Before we get started, we want to mention that by no means are the contents of this article to be considered as medical diagnosis or treatment advice. That being said, we took some time to read a bit and to chat with three wrappers to learn about their trials and tribulations with this interesting type of natural healing!

Nikki W. shared the following with us. Anxiety had been a constant companion of hers since childhood. She grew up as a blind child in a sighted world. Simply the anxiety of getting from point A to point B in a world that was not designed for the way she had had to function was, in itself, an early source of anxiety. Add to that continuous bullying, her growing up as a “latch key kid” and various traumatic experiences throughout her lifetime, including the death of her first child, and she ended up developing a plethora of anxiety disorders. Her official diagnoses over the years include Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Social Anxiety, Generalized Anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress and Panic Disorder. The impact that these various forms of anxiety have had on her life have been debilitating to the point of rarely, if ever, leaving her house and little to no in person socialization. Oddly enough, she is a performer and that brings her no anxiety whatsoever. She has never experienced stage fright. The stage and her home are the two places she feels “safe”. Her love of performing is actually what led her to start wrapping, along with the encouragement of her two daughters.

Nikki has been treated with medications and therapy at different points in her life with varying degrees of success. The efficacy of medications tends to decrease over time as the body builds a tolerance to the medications in use. Treatment with certain antidepressants is common in the managing of anxiety disorders, but for her it created more anxiety. Treatment with anti-anxiety medications works better, but the tolerance builds quickly and can lead to dependency. She currently uses anti-anxiety medication to help stave off nightmares related to post traumatic stress.

For Nikki, one extremely helpful therapeutic tool has been meditation. Consciously slowing the breathing, letting thoughts drift away from the mind, provides temporary relief. The problem that she has in using this method in the past has been that she can only meditate for very brief periods of time when she is in a state of hyper anxiety and not at all if a panic attack has been triggered. At that point she simply has to ride it out and wait for it to end.

Both of Nikki’s daughters have covered their hair for years for their own personal reasons, for both of whom includes anxiety. Nikki never understood the benefit. In her mind she saw it as fabric and didn’t see it as something other than that. “If a powerful medication or therapy isn’t going to help me, how is a piece of fabric going to work?” She simply dismissed the idea.

In September of 2021, Nikki was performing in a local production of Noel Coward’s “Blithe Spirit” as the eccentric medium Madame Arcati. Her costume included a beautiful gold turban. Her eldest daughter, who was in the play with her, loaned Nikki her Wrapunzel Cloud 9 shaper and No-Slip Headband to wear underneath the turban to provide more volume. When she first put the costume on in the dressing room, she immediately noticed a calmness settle over her. She didn’t think it was related to the head covering, at first, but night after night the same sense of peace and focus came over her as soon as she covered her head with the shaper and turban. The show ran for three weeks and by the end of the first week she began to really understand what was happening. Nikki’s sense of anxiety returned every evening when she took off the the head covering. She sat down with her eldest daughter and asked her why this works. Her daughter explained to her the theory that she had heard is that in covering the ‘crown chakra’ it helps to dampen the overwhelming emotional energy that someone who is very empathic is bombarded with on a regular basis. It acts as a protective barrier. As many other childhood trauma survivors know, one becomes an empath out of necessity. One needs to learn to “read the room” in order to feel safe and even survive. It’s a conditioned trauma response.

By the time Nikki and her company had reached the second week of performances, she never wanted to take her costume off. Her birthday was coming up very soon during the show’s dates, and her daughters asked Nikki if she’d like a Wrapunzel Kallah Kit – one of Wrapunzel’s specially curated collections of scarves, accessories and underpinnings (to achieve grip and shape while head wrapping.) They said they would go in together to buy her one as a gift. Nikki was absolutely thrilled! She had a few personal scarves at that point and had begun trying basic wraps that she saw on the Wrapunzel YouTube channel, starting with The Regal Wrap. She was a little nervous about public reaction, but the relief that wrapping was giving her was not worth giving up. No, it did not fix all of her anxiety. She doesn’t want to give the impression that it completely went away, but it was more relief than she had ever experienced from any other treatment. She also discovered that when wrapping she could meditate more deeply and for longer periods of time. That gave her extra relief for her anxiety and panic.

Nikki’s collection of head coverings has expanded from 12 personal scarves to 117 scarves, pre-tieds and hats since the beginning of October 2021. She has nothing but gratitude for the amazing art of head wrapping. She’s become more social, confident in her every day activities, and at peace with herself and her journey. She has found something that truly expresses who she is and allows her freedom from severely debilitating anxiety and panic. It also aligns beautifully with her religious beliefs as a Pagan and follower of Hestia. She endured a great deal of hair loss from fibromyalgia and a nearly fatal case of COVID-19 in 2020. Now she no longer feels self-conscious about that hair loss because she has beautiful head coverings. She can openly express her creative energy in her every day life. In general, people have been amazing. People of all ages and backgrounds complement her wraps. She smiles at people more. She stops and talks with people that she doesn’t even know, and she’d never done that before. Even her 19 month old grandbaby loves her scarves. When her granddaughter sees her in a new wrap, her whole being lights up and she exclaims, “Mimi Pwetty!” Even that sweet, small response brings Nikki peace and joy.

(Pictured Below: Nikki’s costume for “Blithe Spirit”. This is the head covering that started her wrapping journey. )

Another wrapper who has experienced this phenomenon is Rachel D. She’s had anxiety for most of her life. For a long time, it was one of those things she just trudged through or put to the side while taking care of the people she loves. A lot of people do that. The first time she wrapped her hair was kind of on a whim because of a particularly bad hair day.  She immediately noticed an internal shift, something just clicked into place. She called it the “rightness.” The feeling was a sense of calm and grounded energy. It was a feeling she wanted to chase. 

One thing led to another, and she found herself on the Wrapunzel Community group on Facebook. In reading through some of the comments, someone said that ‘wrapping helped with their anxiety. Their wrap felt like a gentle hug throughout the day’ and others chimed in with similar comments about energy, and so on. She recalls literally yelling, “That’s it! That’s the rightness!” into her computer screen.  

She had never considered that sensory issues could be contributing to her anxiety. She used to always wear her long hair up in a clip because she hated the feeling of it near her face or brushing against her neck and shoulders. Wrapping has been a fun, creative way for her to solve that problem and feel calm, poised, beautiful, and focused. She can’t say that she hasn’t experienced any anxiety since she started wrapping, but she can say without a doubt, that her anxiety has been noticeably and consistently reduced.

Rachel lives and works in a community where head covering is not common. She’s only had positive feedback and when people ask her why she does it, she tells them that it’s ‘because it’s creative and helps with her anxiety.’ If she can help, even a little, to normalize head covering in her community and have honest conversations about mental health with strangers, then she feels like she’s paying forward all the good things that wrapping has brought to her life. 

So far, we’ve seen that both of these ladies experienced some sort of ‘paradigm shift’ when they put on their head wrap. There’s a sense of a ‘hug,’ a security one feels when wrapping that is unmatched. Let’s hear Rebekah B’s story, and see what happens when she puts on her ‘cure crown.’

When I was a small child, my mother taught me to crochet. She taught me as her mother taught her, my hand in hers as we guided the needle gently along. And as we formed each small stitch, my mother told me stories. The one that captivated me most was the story of how women long ago would weave strands of their hair into each blanket or scarf they created, securing bits of themselves into their work. It gave each piece, I thought, a soul of sorts. And so, in my mind, hair became a testament to the soul. How little I knew of what trouble that testament would cause me.

I began pulling out my eyebrows and eyelashes in middle school. Forever on the receiving end of teasing and taunts, my anxiety grew out of proportion with what my little mind could carry and so, the leftover anxiety left my body through my fingers, and through my fingers, my hair. With the tug of each strand came a temporary relief – a balm – and I craved that release when tension built up inside of me. And so I pulled more and more until eventually my hands found their way to my head.

I don’t need to tell you that I tried to stop. Oh, how I tried. What was once a relief was now a compulsion that I despised and desperately wished to quit. My whole life people had fawned over my thick, wavy head of hair. A plain child, it was my claim to beauty. And now, my hair thinned. Bald patches peeked through a copper curtain. The story of my pain and anxiety was no longer private, but on display for all to see. And so, I hid.

I tried wigs. They were fun, for a while. I played around with different styles, trying on different personalities for each day of the week – an interesting metaphor for a time in my life when I wasn’t sure who I even was, and who I was shifted from day to day. But the world is not always kind to those who are different, and when you are secretly self-conscious about those differences, the sideways glances and offhand comments sting a little more. I began to feel like I was wearing a costume every time I went out. I thought I was wearing a wig to look more like myself, but really, I felt less and less like myself and my identity dissolved until I felt like nothing more than a painted doll on a shelf.

My loss of identity escalated, and in my young adulthood, I continued to seek it. I developed anorexia and lost the remainder of my hair from lack of nutrition. During my recovery, I decided to throw caution to the wind and shave my head. But that too felt inauthentic. My appearance didn’t tell the story I wanted it to tell. I wanted strands of hair to weave into blankets – a way to leave bits of myself inside the grand story of the universe. But without hair, there was no way to tell my story. Or so I thought.

I grew out my hair for a while, then, due to the increased anxiety that came along with my weight gain in recovery, began pulling it out again. I didn’t want to go back to wigs. To go back to anything felt like defeat. My story was one of brokenness. And it literally showed in my physical body. But I didn’t want people to see someone broken when they looked at me. After all, I had been near death and come back. Not unscathed, but stronger. How could I show the world that? How, when they looked at me, would they know who I am?

That is when I discovered Wrapunzel. A community of women who covered their hair – for all different reasons – and were proud of it. Late one night I stumbled across their website and scrolled through pictures of gorgeous scarves and wrap styles and women who looked like queens. I grabbed a few scarves I already owned and followed several tutorials that very night. My heart hammered inside my chest. I felt enlightened. A peace and familiarity flooded and warmed my body. This felt right. I ordered several scarves, and my wrapping journey began.

In the act of wrapping, I became one with my Creator. This was an act of creation. This was storytelling. I wove my story with each twirl and tug of fabric. Instead of hiding myself, through wrapping, I began to express myself. I could be bold and colorful and, I felt, I looked strong. I looked like me. My soul was wrapped up in each knot and braid. And I told my mother, it was impossible to hang my head when going out wrapped with my scarves. I began to hold my head high.

Something else began to happen. Wrapping was not only a barrier to my hair pulling, but it made me feel cherished. Covering my hair protected my hair and made it sacred. By covering it, I honored it, and because hair and the soul were so connected for me, by wrapping I honored my soul as well.  For the first time since losing my hair, I respected myself. I could tell the story I wanted to tell about myself.

And the story is that she is strong.

All of the above is what might be experienced by donning a head wrap while one experiences anxiety or suffers from the symptoms of other mental health issues. The ‘just right head hug’ gives comfort and an inner peace that soothes and provides relief that not much else can. The confidence one gains by wearing wraps may even help stave off the anxiety to begin with – before it becomes overwhelming.

And you will be strong.



First of all, when examining this phenomena, it is important to understand a bit about anxiety and its mental health manifestations, as well as learning about when it may be time to see a medical professional about ones anxiety symptoms.

Anxiety can produce numerous symptoms that may impede normal function in daily life. The physical signs of anxiety may include but aren’t limited to insomnia, feeling weak or tired, sweating, tremors, rapid breathing, an increase in heart rate or even gastrointestinal issues. Psychological/mental signs of anxiety may include, but aren’t limited to feelings of tension, nervousness or doom, trouble concentrating or thinking about anything but your worries, having difficulty controlling worried feelings and avoiding things altogether that may trigger anxiety.

Anxiety disorders vary in severity. Persons with Generalized Anxiety Disorder worry about routine events and issues. The worry is excessive compared to the actual problem, and effects how the sufferer feels physically. Generalized Anxiety Disorder may present along with other mental health issues such as depression.

Anxiety may show itself when a person is suffering from a physical issue and is worried terribly about their health. In addition, it may cause Agoraphobia (a fear or avoidance of certain places or situations) or Panic Disorder (sudden, repeated episodes of intense anxiety, fear or terror that come on within minutes and cause heart palpitations, shortness of breath or chest pain)

In children, anxiety may present as Separation Anxiety Disorder (brought on by departing from parents or caregivers), Social Anxiety Disorder (brought on by certain feelings of embarrassment, feeling self-conscious or feeling judged in specific social situations), or even as selective mutism (a child’s failure to be able to speak under certain circumstances that worry them).

The above are only a sampling of ways that anxiety may disrupt the everyday, routine function of an individual at home, work, school, etc. One can certainly see how these symptoms may be quite troubling and bothersome.

When should someone seek professional help for their anxiety symptoms? If one feels as if they’re worrying too much, or are having troubles at work, in their relationships or other parts of their lives, or they think their anxiety may be linked to a physical or mental health problem, they should seek professional help. And without a doubt, should they begin using alcohol or drugs to quell their symptoms or experience any suicidal thoughts or behaviors, they should seek professional help immediately. They should not wait things out for them to improve on their own. There are many methods of treatment for anxiety disorders that are proven and effective.

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