10 Best Scarves for those with Sensory Processing Challenges

There are some Sweet Wrapunzelistas that suffer from sensory processing challenges. This means that they experience trouble making sense of or managing information that comes to their brain through the senses – sight, smell, touch, taste and sound. For example, a bright burst of light or a sudden blast of sound, an acrid smell or sharp taste, or even something like a child’s toy block getting underfoot may upset them greatly.

You may find yourself wondering, “Well, what does this have to do with scarves?” At Wrapunzel, we carry so many different types of scarves, each with their own sensory properties. While many are soft, others may have a rougher feel. While some are smooth, others may be more textured. Some may feel itchy or ‘tight’ to someone with sensory processing challenges, whereas one who doesn’t have these challenges will find it feeling much the same as others. The question is, which of Wrapunzel’s scarves are devoid of extra challenges for the sweet, sensory-challenged Wrapunzelista? Here we will help you discover 10 scarves that will sooth the senses with their sublime qualities.

  1. The Petalsoft Scarf – This supersoft, billowy and lightweight scarf came to mind for us faster than any other. It’s got a gauzy texture, with little ripples that ‘give’ to the touch (these ripples will not prove too stimulating). The Petalsoft Scarf comes in a wide variety of colors, including some ‘dustier’ shades that won’t prove overpowering in brightness. This scarf is solid-colored, very easy to wrap and has a gently frayed edge that doesn’t unfurl. Grab this one first – you’ll love it!
  2. The Soft Pashmina – This scarf’s name says it all. SOFT! Especially soft to the touch, this midweight scarf has an almost ‘brushed’ feel. It’s got a subtle stretch that hugs the head and wraps like a dream. Its solid-color ’embossed’ pattern lends it to so many styles and matching possibilities. Try this scarf – it will wow you!
  3. The Lakeshore Bliss Scarf – Yes, this scarf is blissful. A sister scarf to the Soft Pashmina, the midweight Lakeshore Bliss Scarf also has a pattern – this time in two colors – all through the scarf. The fabric is soft and malleable, gives your head a gentle hug and is very easily wrappable. The Lakeshore Bliss is a favorite among all wrappers and is one of our Wrapunzel ‘faves.’
  4. The Favorite T-Shirt and Extra-Long Favorite T-Shirt Scarf – The incredibly soft, lightweight jersey knit of these scarves furnish your sweet head with the gentlest of hugs. Available in two lengths, they’re just the right scarf for smoothness and ‘hand-feel.’ Easily wrappable and a standard to all that try them, these scarves reminiscent of your favorite t-shirt (that’s how they got their name) will quickly become your go-tos for almost any look.
  5. Wrapunzel Israeli Tichels (with Gold or Silver Threads) – Our 100% cotton, oversized Israeli Tichels are perhaps the coolest scarves Wrapunzel offers. The smooth, soft and lightweight cotton fabric is so comfortable on the head and allows maximum breathability for those sensitive to ‘head heat.’ Easily folded into a triangle and wrapped ‘bandana style,’ these scarves are simple in design, but greatly versatile in look.
  6. The Wrapunzel Melody Scarf – Seven strips of wonderful, silky-feel recycled and ultra-lightweight Sari fabrics join together without overlapping to bring you one soft scarf that’s cool to the touch. Don’t let the silkiness scare you – these beauties are easy to wrap and won’t slip from a No-Velcro No-Slip Headband or pull-on style Cloud9 Shaper. Their color ways can be a bit bold, so depending on what you receive in your order (each one is unique unto itself!), this scarf may be for the more daring sensory challenged wrapper. Be sure to add order notes if you have color or pattern preferences.
  7. The 2 in 1s Scarves (Original, Watercolor and Tuff) – These amazingly versatile, lightweigh scarves have a smooth texture and are easily tied. They have a great ‘color vocabulary,’ and you’ll be able to match one of them to almost anything you own. The Original 2 in 1s and Watercolor 2 in 1s have a silkier feel to them than does the Tuff. The Tuff’s more open weave gives it a very slight rougher feel than the other two.
  8. The Wrapunzel Signature Scarf – Our exclusive Wrapunzel Signature Scarf is a lightweight, extremely wrappable pashmina-style scarf. It is very smooth, soft feeling and midweight. The first of our rainbow colored sensory scarves, the Wrapunzel Signature Scarf has a complex ‘underwoven’ pattern and tassels. You choose the color Signature Scarf you want based upon the color of underwoven pattern you desire.
  9. The Rainbow Road Scarf – Another pashmina-style scarf with an extremely smooth feel is our Rainbow Road Scarf. Like the Wrapunzel Signature Scarf, it features overall rainbow colors and tassels. Its rainbow coloring has a darker colored underweaving which makes the colors pop even brighter.
  10. The Layers of Love Scarf – Our Layers of Love Scarf is a pashmina-style scarf with tassels and incredible softness. Its smooth feel makes it incredibly delicious to wrap. The Layers of Love Scarf has ‘levels’ of differing heart patterns and tassels as well. The ‘levels’ of patterns make for incredible pleating options – it takes on a different look each time you wear it.

So tell us; what do you think?

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