#Monochromaticwraps Challenge!

These wraps may have been in one color scheme, but they were certainly NOT one-dimensional! The wrappers in our Wrapunzel Community Group on Facebook twisted, turned and tasseled their way into creating the most amazing monochromatic styles – and we were floored! Take a look at some of their handiwork for the last two weeks of October 2021 🙂

One thought on “#Monochromaticwraps Challenge!

  1. My first time here. I’m in Heaven with all of these beautiful Ladies. I’m just a Noahide girl from the South and I’d be so very interested into chatting from time to time with a Jewish Woman. In fact at 71, the only Jewish People I’ve ever met were wonderful doctors with good, kind hearts.
    Please forgive me if I’m doing this all wrong. My main question today, Andrea (or anyone) is that I’ve always been a Music Person. I live in it and play several instruments, but since rejecting Christianity, I’m fresh out of Music, because I haven’t learned Hebrew yet!!!! LOL!! Isn’t that something??? So if I could have a couple links to some wonderful Real Jewish Music, I would be so grateful. Oh! And Thanks for the Beautiful Order you sent me the other day. Yes, My husband is enamored with these scarves also!!! Shalom…

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