Your Wrapping Journey Begins Here!

A New Wrapper’s Guide On How To Get Started – by Rikki Breuer

Are you new to wrapping? You may have seen how gorgeous ladies with beautiful head wraps look and would like to try them out, or you may have a medical or religious need to cover your hair, and would like to do so in the most beautiful way possible. Well, we’ve got good news for you. You are in the right place – we’ve got you covered!

Here is a guide to everything you need to know to master the art of head wrapping: 

First off, take a deep breath, and get ready for this enlightening journey to explore your inner beauty! 

Next, know there are thousands of women just like you who have also started out without knowing where to start. They too started here, and now they are their own wrapping experts. They practiced, experimented, and most importantly had fun along the way!

The Wrapunzel Community consists of beautiful women from all over the world, and from all walks of life. There are so many different reasons to wrap, and different WAYS to wrap. The most important thing to remember is there are no rules. Just play around, and the possibilities will be endless. 

This is so important! Essential tools are ESSENTIAL! We can’t say this enough. Just like you wouldn’t start a painting without a canvas on which to paint, you wouldn’t want to create a head wrap masterpiece with no base. Without placing a Shaper or No-Slip Headband under your scarves, your wrap will move and slip. Bigger and thicker scarves definitely need to have a place to sit and grab. And if you are wrapping due to hair loss or have short or very fine hair, a shaper will give any scarf room to sit neatly. It may seem overwhelming to see all the shaper options we offer, but don’t worry, we realize that, and have therefore created lots of resources for you to learn which shapers work best for you. Check out our shaper comparison chart;

Also, our 60 second shaper review and all these other shaper tutorials will help tremendously. Plus, use this video to learn how to correctly measure your head for our No-Slip Headbands! Keep in mind different shapers work better for different wraps! And, most of our shapers’ pouf sizes are adjustable. Just adding or removing stuffing gives you some leeway in wrap/scarf options.

Next. Now you have your base, what now? Where do you begin? Grab your popcorn and sit down to binge watch some fun tutorials! We have a playlist specifically for beginners just like you. Master a few basic techniques before trying to create more complicated wraps. Mastering the basic techniques will give you the skills needed to move onto the next level. A few great wrap styles that will teach you indispensable techniques you’ll need to start with are the Beginners Luck Knot and the Regal Wrap. These are simple to do and once you’ve mastered them, you will have the skills to learn many, many more wrapping techniques. The Lazy April and Shira Tails also utilize simple techniques that will get you far. Take a look at those too. Practice, practice and more practice these same techniques over and over and you’ll get it in no time! Check out the Beginners Tutorial Playlist and One-Scarf Wraps playlist for more great styles to explore.

Keep in mind, different styles suit different faces. Play around, try different styles and see what works for you, and what you feel most comfortable in. Wrapping is an art, and you are the artist. Be creative, and allow yourself to make mistakes. Many times mistakes create the most amazing art! 

Wow, that’s a lot of new information to learn! But, we know you’ve got this! You’ve got your techniques down pat, you’ve figured out which shapers you need, but now, you need to fill up your collection with stunning scarves. With so many options on, where do you start? There is no simple answer, since everyone has different tastes and different clothing in their wardrobe to match with. But, a good place to start is with some solids, in colors you tend to wear most often.

Great and easy for beginners, solid scarves are Petalsoft Scarves, Tuff and Original 2-in-1s, as well as the Back To Basics and Cornerstone Scarves. These are lightweight, and therefore easy to maneuver and even layer when you get brave enough to have fun and experiment with layering scarves and sashes. Check out our Solid Scarves Comparison Chart, to learn all about our solid scarf options, their dimensions and which wraps they are best for:

Patterned scarves with lots of different colors featured in the pattern are beneficial, since one scarf alone could match many items in your wardrobe. Wrapunzel has many gorgeous patterned scarves to choose from. Watercolor 2-in-1’s, the Can’t Catch Me Scarf, the New York Brights Scarves and the Dreams Come True Scarf are great for beginners as they are light and easy to wrap. 

For fancier occasions, Wrapunzel’s Shiny-licious, Sparkle-licious and Dewdrop Sparkle Scarves are lightweight and super pliable, hence great for beginners. And, if you are looking for cozier scarves, the Lakeshore Bliss Scarves, Soft Pashminas, and our Signature Scarves are great starters. They are soft and stretchy and wrap like a dream. No matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered!

Join beautiful Wrapuzelistas from around the world on the Wrapunzel Community Facebook Group. In this wonderful group, women from all walks of life unite in their love of head wrapping. They share practical wrapping tips and tricks and cheer each other on as they master technique after technique. They can be a wonderful support system as you embrace your crown!

The world of wrapping is full of color, beauty and joy. It’s a way to express yourself, express your inner voice and inner beauty! It’s your journey. The world is your oyster. Express yourself in your own way! Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy your wrapping journey! We are so glad you chose us to join along with you! 

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