Nicole Dunn – True Devotee and Lady Wrap Star

(written by Nicole Dunn)

A little about myself. Well lets see, I grew up in Bismarck, North Dakota  (USA). I left a few times, but always made my way back home, as all my family lives here as well. I became a Christian six years ago , and began my journey of reading and studying the Bible. What a journey that has been! So many things I didn’t understand in the beginning. And I thought to myself, “Well isn’t that just suppressive?”. I was so naive! Oh how the Lord has opened my eyes and opened my heart.  Three years ago, when I first became interested in head covering, I had no idea the religious significance it had or would have in my life.  Yes I was three years into my walk with the Lord before I began to cover, and even then it wasn’t full time. I did it when someone was sick like my father, or someone needed prayer, or I needed to be in deep prayer for myself.

I received a lot of negative comments when I first started to cover, and it’s always the ones closest to us that that seem to want to judge us the most, So I went about a whole year with out covering because I felt condemned. I felt judged.

Then I had a light bulb moment. I prayed, and prayed, and prayed some more, and asked myself, “Nicole who are you trying to please? Man or God?” I still struggled. As I covered and went to work, I was asked if I was becoming Muslim, and was met with many evil-hearted comments. I took these horrible slurs to my Maker and said, “Please help me, and help them to understand the significance of being under Your authority.” It was in this understanding of God’s authority that I was able to smile through it all, and realized that it didn’t matter what people thought or said anymore, because I was doing it for G-d,  And for the first time, I felt absolutely beautiful in my cover!

I came across Wrapunzel in a Christian Head Covering support group. Yes, in this day and age us ladies need all the support we can get. 😊 I used to wear simple things, just like Chemo cap coverings, but Oh my Gosh… Wrapunzel! Their Shapers, their scarves. I can’t say enough about them. Absolutely beautiful! And the Shapers have changed my life. I have short hair so having a shaper has made it all the more possible to get the look and feel I was going for. Thank you, Wrapunzel.  

I am not a very creative person, so I needed some help learning how to wear these coverings. Leorah is my absolute favorite person on YouTube to learn from. And sometimes, I just go with what feels right that day. And some days I have to take the whole scarf off and just start from scratch. And if I’m being totally honest here… some days it feels like such a burden to me, but Then I think of the Glory it’s bringing to my Lord.. And we start wrapping and tucking and when it’s finished. I claim “Thank you G-d!” 😊

I pick out my outfit for the day and then I go into my bathroom and look at my scarves hanging on the wall and say, “Ok, which one is speaking to me today? What can I do with this and this?” And then I just let the magic start taking place.    I’m normally listening to some sermon in the morning or I’m singing and worshiping as I’m getting ready.  I’m constantly reminding myself of the Glory I am bringing to G-d, and praying He shows me favor throughout my day. 

My favorite scarf is the Petalsoft Scarf at Wrapunzel. They are so easy to tie and absolutely so very comfortable. As far as tips and tricks? Well ladies, as I’ve said, I’ve had to start over from scratch many many times. I’ve watched tons of Wrapunzel’s tutorial videos online, and when all else fails, I tuck and tuck some more. But I can’t encourage you enough to get a Shaper. They will change your life. And your look.

I am going to tell you this. Covering for me is a personal conviction I feel from G-d, it took a long time for the Lord to speak to me about this. And for a long time I’ve let what other people think and feel about it sway me in one way or another. I even resisted the Lord over it,  Me and G-d, We’ve had some arguments. 😊. But once I submitted, once I obeyed what G-d was telling me, I found things in my life falling into place like never before. Oh I still get looks, and people still make comments to me about it, some not so very nice, but I’m living to please the Lord and not man, and that makes all the difference in the world to me.  That’s what makes me smile each and every day, and that’s what keeps me grounded. Honor yourself, and be true to yourself.  Love Yourself, and you will have all that truly matters.

My Love to all my Wrapunzel Sisters!

Love, Nicole

2 thoughts on “Nicole Dunn – True Devotee and Lady Wrap Star

  1. Shalom Nicole. It sounds like and definitely looks like you are a beautiful person inside and out. About 12 years ago I had the same struggle. I joined an Anabaptist group here in Washington, but then Protective Edge happened in Israel and I could not get enough news from there. I became very active on +goolge. There I found Messianic believers and began a transformation. I started learning Hebrew too. I now listen to a Messianic congregation online very Shabbat. (I did not have the negative feedback like you, I will ne praying for you. Stay strong sister in Messiah.)
    Blessing to you and yours.


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