#WrapunzeledInPurple !!

IMG_8642Hi world!  Here is my first entry for the #wrapunzeledinpurple week!  I love this tichel sooooo much!  It’s the pashmina from the truffleberry kit, an ombre sparkle 2 in 1, and a sequin headband.  Felt SO ‘me’!


My outfit was simple; an old swishy sweat skirt that I got in Israel (perfect for rehearsals!), a purple top with a white shell underneath… and my highschool era fuzzy jean jacket!

Hope you’re all having as much fun being #wrapunzeledinpurple as I am!

Love, Andrea


4 thoughts on “#WrapunzeledInPurple !!

  1. lynnreedcrowder

    It’s artsy, esp.. your skirt. I love it all….but my church says women are to be modest and not try to draw attention to themselves. Tichels do that soooo much! NOW what do I do with all the tichels I have purchased over the past year? I want to wear them, but feel convicted that I am flaunting myself to the world around me because they are so eye-catching.


    1. Lynn, perhaps you can chose more subdued colours? I have a muslim friend who wears hijab and works miracles with subtle shades of brown and green or gray and blue.


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