Inspiring Happiness Through What You Wear!

This outfit from Miri was my inspiration to finally make a video about this!  There’s lots more to say on the subject, so send in your questions and we’ll talk about it some more!

Miri ready to teach public speaking!
Miri ready to teach public speaking!

6 thoughts on “Inspiring Happiness Through What You Wear!

  1. Queenie

    I love this video! Thank you for taking the time to share, I love love love knowing that I’m Not the only one who dose this daily.
    ☺️ I too feel that what I wear affects my mood . I like to ( and feel most comfortable ) in a bohemian style …modestly done of corse
    But there are times when my appointment for the day calls for me to wear what I call “normal clothes” (lol) I don’t like the way I “feel” in them … But there are times Tis-dye just won’t do… Even in Austin Texas where hippy dippy is embraced. Soooo I have a few outfits that I keep to… Jet the job done.
    I am quick to come home and change though!
    Much love to all,


  2. Queenie

    One more thing, I have had many many people comment on how they would love to put modest outfits together with tichels but just have no clue how to do it. I created a board on Pinterest called
    “Covers WITH modest outfits” it has over 500 ideas / pics to help get started. You will find a LOT of pics of the wrapunzle team in there.!
    You’ll find it under my name.
    Hope that helps!
    Kerry Blumenthal


  3. Jocelyn

    My closet has many different looks in it. The summer finds me in mostly bright colors although navy have a big place then too. Winter finds me in jewel tones, navy (always) and browns. I have people say to me that what I’m wearing cheers them up when I put on a bright color on a particularly overcast day. I have a bright yellow sweater for the winter that is my go to when I’m feeling a little down. Color rules me. I find I also go for different styles depending on how I feel. There are so many variables including where I need to be that day and what I am doing. My point is that some of us can’t pigeonhole our style and that is just fine. Also how you dress sometimes — many times — changes as you get older. Life is interesting and so is clothing style!


  4. Jennifer

    Thanks for this video! I wore an outfit the other day that I felt great in but it was an odd arrangement. I told my husband that I didn’t know why I enjoyed it so much – I wouldn’t have left the house in it as nothing matched – but I felt so like me that day… mismatched and comfy and girly and country. Thinking back on it – I think I liked it because of the layering… I’m planning on incorporating more of that into my outfits and see if I can keep that “me” feeling.


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